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Ethelyn - No Glory to the God [2012] - NPH Review


Ethelyn – No Glory To The God – 2012 – Psycho Records
Genre: Black Metal / Melodic Death Metal

The Poles ETHELYN are already since 1995 on the way on dark musical paths. By the end of 2012 they released their latest opus “No Glory To The God“ via Psycho Records.
Here is played traditional Black Metal. Riddled with some melodic Death Metal elements it originates the typical bands' sound. Extensive riffs and the constantly present drumming give the production hardness and beauty at the same time. It originates pitch-black musical worlds which reflect hopelessness and coldness. Sorrow and hate implemented in notes. This depressing atmosphere continuous continues at the all in all ten songs. By the game with melodies and tempi develops a certain dynamics which becomes “No Glory To The God“. The emphatic growls give the main points. You can hear here that there are definitely no novices at work. The gents know what they want and implement this. “No Glory To The God“ got a very good cd which I can only recommend to each Black Metal fan!!!!

Higlights of "
No Glory To The God" : "No Glory To The Gods"; "Implosion"; "No Day After Tomorrow"; "Whisper Under Coffin Lid"

Review by : Battlepig

RATE: 8,5/10

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Ethelyn - “No Glory To The God“ - CD 2012

01 - Dead Water
02 - No Glory To The God
03 - Sacrifice
04 - Implosion
05 - Scales
06 - No Day After Tomorrow
07 - Wormhymn
08 - Whispers Under The Coffin Lid
09 - Last Deadly Wound
10 - Heritage Of Puma Punku

Recording Line – Up:

Mysth– Vocals
Nameless Immenus – Guitars
Bogunieslav - Guitars
Wrath – Bass
Morbid - Drums

Check the Video Track for "Heritage Of Puma Punku" :

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