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HATE - Rugia - [2021] - Album Review by NPH - Rate 10/10


- "RUGIA" - 2021 | Tracklist:
1. Rugia
2. The Wolf Queen
3. Exiles of Pantheon
4. Saturnus
5. Awakening the Gods Within
6. Resurgence
7. Velesian Guard
8. Sun of Extinction
9. Sacred Dnieper
[Release Date: 2021-10-22]


ATF Sinner – vocals, guitars
Domin – guitars
Nar-Sil – drums
Tiermes – bass

Guest Musicians:
Michal Staczkun - Ambient Elements


was recorded, mixed and mastered by the Wieslaski Brothers (Behemoth, Decapitated) over the Hertz Studios.



Daniel Rusilowicz :
Artwork and Photos

HATE - RUGIA - 2021 - Metal Blade Records
Genre: Death Black Metal

"(...) “Drink from the source
From the fountain of grace
Drink from the vein
From the fountain of silence!
A warning sent as thunder from beyond
To smite the mortals' golden hubris
Cything through the land of morbid ones
Crushing all the race
As you ram your sword through their guts” (...)"
 | HATE | Rugia
| "Rugia"

An island of northeast Germany in the Baltic Sea. Separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, it was seized by Denmark in 1168, passed to Pomerania in 1325 and to Sweden in 1648, and became part of Prussia in 1815.


Mighty Polish blackened death cultists HATE has released their twelfth full-length album entitled "Rugia", one of the best and most addictive creations made by the band to the date! Barbaric, ritualistic and full of mysticism, "Rugia" is an authentic roaring thunder of ancient glory.
Once again, the band has been inspired by ancient Slavic myths and legends and brought forth one of their most solid, mature and detailed death black metal pieces ever done the date. With "Rugia" HATE have created a very own primordial and ritualistic music experience that transcends the typical death meets black metal approach, providing its adepts one of the best listening experiences of its kind!

are one of those bands that never disappoint their loyal fans, combining death and black metal elements in a perfect symbiosis, a proof of countless years of experience and perseverance! Not to forget that HATE are true extreme metal veterans which been one of the biggest influences over the forming of Polish metal scene back in the nineties. The band founded by the vocalist, guitarist and mastermind ATF Sinner has brought to us death black metal classics such as "Awakening of the Liar", "Anaclasis", "Erebos", "Solarflesh", etc. and still, to this date, they can't stop blowing our minds with authentic extreme metal masterpieces one after the other, notoriously HATE are a band at its peak and don't stop surprising us, the listeners, with their music. HATE are without a doubt on a level of their own!

takes the band one step forwards from the already amazing "Auric Gates of Veles" album, which had been one of their most aggressive and ruthless pieces ever created. Never satisfied, two years since the last album release the band has returned with an even more impressive and grandiose creation, a true shamanic ritual of epic proportions created by the genius of ATF Sinner, Domin who has proven to be an essential and inventive member in the core of the band, contributing with amazing guitar leads and riffage in general. The incursion of new blood was the main source of vitality that has enriched the forging of this new album sound and essence. Tiermes who is a great bass player has earned his permanent member status on the band and Daniel "Nar-Sil" Rutkowski has conquered the drum-kit throne after the departure of Pavulon due to medical issues. "Nar-Sil" known to be one of the most talented and creative Polish young metal drummers has been highly responsible for a huge step forward on the new album sound, he has done a brilliant and elite level work here. "Rugia" brings the band allot closer to their classical death metal roots, with it HATE have recovered allot of their traditional death metal sound and aggression which was now once again combined with some ritualistic black metal elements which enhance the band creations to an absolute new level!

Ruthless and straight forwards, "Rugia" combines once again the darkest aspects of the Slavonic folklore within all its arcane mysticism and blends it together with some of the most scorching and demolishing death black metal sound we have heard in years! Listening to this album feels like a thunderous hammer smashing down in an ancient anvil of everlasting creation! The gods of nature's primordial elements have been summoned!

HATE are one of those bands that refuse stagnation, within each new album the band elevates their standards and take their sound into the next level, this is what happened once again with "Rugia". Proving that HATE are without a doubt one of the highest and most innovative representations of extreme metal of these days! The band has gone deeper into the dark side of Slavic lore, both musically and lyrically and brought forwards one of the best death black metal albums ever created, in all aspects this new album is another step forwards in their already long career! 
"Rugia" is one of those albums that get you hooked since the very first listening, expect no softness; this new album will surely please the old fans of the band and set another milestone on the bands already glorious legacy! Expect no other than a deep mystic darkness in a ritualistic atmosphere associated with an authentic devastation of epic proportions, all of this in a perfected recipe of hate, chaos and sonic destruction!

Once again, the recordings and production has taken place in the famous at Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated, etc) by Wieslawski brothers together with the band and the outcome couldn't be better in any aspect. "Rugia" sounds impressively organic and dynamic defining the band sound at it's possible best, no wonder the band decided to work again in the same studio with the same people, the outcome is simply outstanding, jaw-breaking and brilliant in all possible aspects. Another milestone for the Hertz Studio, because death black metal can't sound much better than this amazing piece of art!

cover art, photos and artwork done by
Daniel Rusilowicz take you to the dark side of Slavonic mysticism, a greatly achieved art creation full of symbolism, deeply attached to the roots and beliefs of the ancient Slavic culture. An awesome art-work to match the grandiosity of the album itself!


is a monumental piece of death black metal, organic and deep into the Slavic myths and legends. HATE have once again been inspired by the enriching mystical roots of their own country ancient culture; an essence born within themselves as Polish! Savagely aggressive this relentless album has no lesser stunning tracks. Intense in all its length, this is an elite extreme metal piece of art!

Out from the misty roots of Slavonic darkness the opening title track "Rugia" introduces the listeners to HATE renewed demolishing sound, like a hammer striking metal in a forging anvil this thunderous track ignites the heathen flames and keeps the wheel of life turning. Aggressive and brutal this track comes down as an ancient roaring thunder. The power inducted by the mystic blackness is beyond amazing, it takes you deep into the rituals that took place in that sacred island (Rugia/Rügen) for the Slavic pagans. "Rugia" is without a doubt one of the best tracks of this amazingly intense piece of extreme metal,

"The Wolf Queen"
is one of the most brutal tracks of the new album. This is a highly addictive short but intense classical death black metal track, straight forwards a frenetic. A delight to any adept of this genre!
Once again, the vicious guitar leads are piercing deep into the already tortured ears!

"Exiles of Pantheon"
is another fast track where you can easily associate with the many faces of the traditional Polish death black metal art, deep and obscure but in the same way brutal and fierce! By listening to this song, you should feel a higher might of mystical pagan roots in a clear display of extreme metal supremacy, death black metal can't sound much better and more intense than this!

Saturnus" is a sinister and slower but in no way less intense song, its pounding rhythm makes this track to become a true "head-banger"! "Saturnus" is another harsh death metal classic where gut slashing aggressiveness takes over the lurking blackest atmosphere!

All hell breaks loose once again, the "Awakening the Gods Within" is another straight forward flammable song charged with a deep dark essence! Another scorching delight for the true adepts of this musical genre!

is a timeless epic hymn that combines the best of both worlds, the fierce and demolishing death metal sound with the most ritualistic black metal essence. An ode to Slavic pagan religious beliefs, myths and rituals in a resurgence of that ancient wisdom! Impossible to be indifferent to the might and mystic charge over this ritualistic song which is in my opinion one of the best among this distinctive and exceptional album!

"Velesian Guard"
is another addictive and classic "head-banging" death black metal anthem, straight forwards and brutally fast! A sign of clear perseverance and prosperity after all these years in the field, like every good wine, the older the better and HATE are still at their peak of creation and the proof lays on each track of this album!

"Sun of Extinction"
is another slower track that goes deeper into the roots of their heathen origins. A ritual of life and death as the wheel keeps on turning on this constantly changing world. Sinister and decadent, this song reveals a darker side of HATE creations in a clear sign of the constant sound evolution which allows the band to venture into limitless fields of creation without losing their quintessence.

"Sacred Dnieper"
is another unceasingly intense dynamic track that ends up this destructive journey across this sonic Armageddon! It's amazing how the band keeps such intensity and creative freshness after all these years. Harsh and frostbitten darkness takes over as the album ends, leaving no one indifferent to this clear display of death black metal dominance!


"Rugia" is in all aspects a devastating piece of fierce death black metal art from the beginning to its end, without a doubt one of the best offers of its kind ever created.
amazing how the band continues to make such exceptional creations at this stage of their already long career, at this point, the majority of the bands are living of their names, more than being able to bring anything solid out. Instead of being dull and redundant HATE keep their creative geniality fresh in a constant whirlwind of inventive recreation, undoubtedly the new album "Rugia" is a master-class of death black metal that reinforces, once again, that Poland is without a doubt one of the leading countries on this extreme metal field!
After 30 years of existence HATE are still able to deliver one of their most Intense and addictive death black metal creations to the date, a clear sign of perseverance and geniality of ATF Sinner who is without any doubts a true legend in the Polish extreme metal scene, responsible for keeping the band alive and well through all this years (the good and the bad). Where others might have quit, he kept the flame burning and never stop developing HATE sounds in a constant evolution.
The band might be living the peak of their long career with this new album "Rugia", proving with it that death black metal can't get much better than this colossal creation... or can it?! With HATE we never know what may come next!
For now, we wait and see... meanwhile, let's listen again and again to this outstanding piece of extreme metal masterpiece in all its glory! Sit down and enjoy the one which is in our opinion the best death black metal album of 2021!


RüPä - NeKronos Promotion HELL

RATE: 10/10


"Exiles of Pantheon" : Music Video :

"Resurgence" : Music Video :

"Rugia": Audio Clip:




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