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DIABOLICAL - Eclipse - [2019] - Album Review by NPH - Rate 10/10


Artwork by Carl Stjärnlöv and Pär Johansson (DIABOLICAL)
Cover photo by Jens Rydén

DIABOLICAL - "ECLIPSE" - 2019 | Tracklist:
1. We Are Diabolical
2. Betrayal
3. Black Sun
4. Failure
5. Inception
6. Hunter
7. Tyranni
8. The Fire Within
9. Requiem

[Release Date: 2019-02-15]


Sverker Widgren : Lead Vocals, Guitar
Carl Stjärnlöv:
Vocals, Guitar
Dan Darforth:
Vocals, Bass
Pär Johansson:
Vocals, Drums

Produced by
Sverker Widgren
 (DIABOLICAL) | Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Wing Studios

DIABOLICAL - Eclipse - 2019 - Indie Recordings
Genre: Black Death Metal

"(...) We could have conquered it all
Now everything is falling apart
The eclipse will be our downfall
If we let it consume our hearts
It consumes our hearts" |
Diabolical | Eclipse | We are Diabolical


The "Eclipse" is the new conceptual masterpiece from one of the best Swedish death black metal bands out there, they are
Diabolical! A band that can't stop impressing their listeners, constantly progressing and refusing to do the expected! More than twenty years since their formation in Sundsvall (Sweden) in 1996 the band kept on developing their musical formula of innovative blackened death metal, this through 5 full-length albums and 2 EP's.

The "Eclipse" is the final result of years of experience, combining the best elements of death and black metal in a daring emotional journey across the dark side of humanity, a defiant conceptual piece of art that provokes each listener to go deeper into his own diabolical side. Within this introspection you will get the sense that we are (all) diabolical, the "One" real plague on this world we live in, each day digging the grave of our own kind and each day one step closer to our own Eclipse (end) ... but fear not, the Apocalypse is near anyhow!!

Something new on this album is the band visual aesthetics, so, in order to embrace the whole apocalyptical concept of the "Eclipse" album, all 4 members are represented as diabolical dark entities (angels of death), the bringers of doom to whole Mankind! Following the same line, the eloquent lyricism and the album art (cover and booklet) enhances in perfection this tormenting doomsday manifesto!

The new album "Eclipse" follows the steps of both
Diabolical previous releases, the impressive conceptual full-length album "Neogenesis" which was also a post-apocalyptic book/novel and the not less astonishing EP "Umbra", the formula is pretty much the same but taken to refined new levels.

The production of "Eclipse" over the Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren (Vocals, Guitars) is simply excellent! The whole slight symphonic atmosphere created by the live choirs of 20 singers and bright use of keyboards combine in perfection with the hardness of
Diabolical typical death black metal creations a delight to any adept of extreme metal who doesn't want to have the orchestrations above everything else, here everything has it's right place and the overall sound is impressive! This mature and sophisticated sound will most probably please adepts of bands such as Behemoth, Borknagar, Septicflesh, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Opeth to mention few!

Diabolical proven with this new album to be on top of what is being done on the already saturated extreme metal universe, detaching from the (wolf)pack the band always found it's way and own identity! The "Eclipse" is probably one of the most daring creations of the band so far, a raging conceptual delicacy for their listeners, this with a complex aesthetic and a very strong message carried within each song!


The "Eclipse" album takes you into a journey across nine tracks of graceful extreme metal craftsmanship, an hybrid death black metal work of art with landscapes of sound brilliance in a unique display of excellence, something so damn rare on contemporary metal bands this days! I can't really find one "less-good" song within this album length, I was completely blown away since first listening of such rare display of extreme metal dominance! It comes to that time when it is hard to measure the greatness of such a great piece of art... how great is great?!! So let's start from the beginning...

The album starts with the first single/videoclip "We are Diabolical", a damn strong and meaningful track that expresses
Diabolical identity at best, it is one of my favourite tracks of the album since it carries in it's essence the whole album concept, a perfect balance of raging extremity with moments of clarity through elegant clean vocals, choirs and melodies that enhance each message the band wishes to pass to their listeners, impressive to say the least, you need to listen to it to experience deeply what I mean! Addictive and spine-chilling! A song that will stick into your ears since the very first listening, I assure you!

is the second single/videoclip of this album, lyrically it reveals different ontological realities, whether it's on a personal or global scale. This is a slower and deeper track with a strong dark atmosphere attached to it, here the disturbing haunting vocals tease the listener to take the step forwards and "force the end" out of his/her misery!

The "Black Sun" rises upon us on this next track, a rebellious and obscure song teasing you into action and to break any chaining oppression! Another great dynamic track with the right dose of symphonic orchestrations and choirs, strong defiant vocals and a very own deviant melody, "Black Sun" is in fact a provocative and rebellious anthem!

The "Failure" of Mankind through individual selfishness and self-caring is the theme for the next track, this is probably the most harsh and aggressive track of the whole album, all this with a very direct message to all who care for nothing but their own goals and stand in this world with inertia and ignorance. "Failure" is a direct, fast and brutal song with even extremer enraged vocals, you will love it! I sure do!

follows, this is the hopeless path toward human extinction as we drain all our natural resources from this world we live in! This is a strong yet slower track with a very special decadent and melancholic melody line.

The primal human predatory instincts are once again awakened on the "Hunter" track. This malicious musical crescendo has a constant raising tension as the "Hunter" develops his mischievous cruel nature towards its prey! Deviant and disturbing this is another breathtaking track that culminates with such an addicting melody line that finishes out this song! This is another of my favourite tracks!

The "Tyranni" of Mankind inertia is portrayed in the next song of the album, an instrumental piece that is a tyranny by itself. Enhanced with great choirs, this is a slower and decadent march towards the end of our line!

Ignite "The Fire Within" and take action on this already consumed world! Abandon thy life of inertia and ignite the inner flame, look beyond the standards before it's too late! This is another slower decadent song of awareness where the great clean vocals and choirs make all the difference!

Empires crumble and fall, the Era of Man ends before our incredulous eyes! Mankind threnody of decay on a "Requiem" for the human kind! "Requiem" is the apocalyptic ending track of this masterpiece, a song originally recorded on the previous EP "Umbra" that got revamp for the new opus! The album couldn't simply end up in a better way if you ask me, this dynamic epic song has such a strong emotional bound to the whole decayed album concept that was the band best choice as the dirge for the Human kind!

The "Eclipse" is without a doubt one of the best blackened death metal creations for 2019, a both complex and dense work of excellence with a very strong message aiming for an higher human conscience within each addictive apocalyptical song. A defiant piece of rebellious extreme metal art that goes deep into the band name meaning and essence. Within this introspection you will conclude that there is no greater Evil on this world than us... Humanity is Diabolical... in fact we are (all) Diabolical! Mankind is in fact allot more Diabolical than any religious form or entity, worst than any God or Satan, more evil than anything that lurks in the dark... we are evil essence and soon we will meet our downfall, our final "Eclipse"

The new conceptual album reveals at it's best the more than 20 years of
Diabolical musical craftsmanship. The ending result is an astonishing emotional journey of extreme music brilliance! Elite, mature and elaborate death black metal art combined with eloquent lyricism bring fourth a Beast of an album... so what are you waiting for?!! Go and buy this masterpiece from this sophisticated band in ascension to higher grounds in this demanding metal universe!

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RATE: 10/10


"We are Diabolical" : Videoclip :

"Betrayal" : Videoclip :

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