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ABYSSIC - High the Memory - [2019] - Album Review by NPH - Rate 9,5/10



Artwork by Mitchell Nolte

ABYSSIC - "HIGH THE MEMORY" - 2019 | Tracklist:
01 - Adornation | 8:12
02 - High The Memory | 20:39
03 - Transition Consent | 12:39
04 - Where My Pain Lies | 20:38
05 - Dreams Become Flesh | 15:12

[Release Date: 2019-02-22]


Memnock - Vocals, Contrabass
Elvorn - Guitars
Andre Aaslie - Keys, Orchestration
Tjodalv - Drums
Makhashanah - Bass, Additional Vocals

and recorded* at Strand Studio (Susperia, Insidious Disease, Chrome Division, The Wretched End, etc.) by Marius Strand
Vocals recorded at Vi Lager Skiver Av Det Andre Hiver Studio

ABYSSIC - High the Memory - 2019 - Osmose Productions
Genre: Doom Death Metal

"(...)Samael, Satana, Lucifer
Abisao, Satrina, Tatrota
Picthca, Abito, Abospro

Light bearer guide me!
Morning star Save me!

Men long for your flesh, show him the way to fall from grace. (...)"
| Abyssic
| High the Memory | Adornation

Under an Apocalyptic dark moon and out from the darkest pits of Norwegian mysticism emerge Abyssic, a legion of veteran extreme metal wizards who have forged a true memorable doom/death metal piece of art, a colossal Monolith by the title of "High the Memory"! Embrace a journey beyond the realms of death and human memory in an atmospheric landscape of colossal orchestrations, tormenting dark melodies in a turmoil of vivid emotions. An astonishing symphonic experience of obscure funeral doom and death metal combined with some old-fashioned Norwegian black metal and a touch of sophisticated progressive rock from the 70's.

, the Bringers of Doom,  have been founded by experienced and well-known musicians on Norwegian extreme metal scene, they are Memnock (Susperia, ex-Old Man's Child), Elvorn (Susperia) and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images At Twilight, Gromth & Profane Burial) together with Asgeir Mickelson (Ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn) they recorded the impressive debut album "A Winter's Tale" [Osmose Productions] in February 2016. Later in 2016 Tjodalv (Susperia, Ex-Dimmu Borgir, Old Man`s Child) and Makhashanah (aka Henriette Bordvik) (Asagraum (Live), Ex-Sirenia) joined the band to complete their actual line-up!

"High the Memory" is an orchestral doom/death metal epic monumental piece of close to 80 minutes length! Yes, you read it right! This album is a both dark and sinister piece of art in all its duration! Such gracious creation was only possible by the experienced crafting hands of such talented musicians, an authentic mystical experience to one's ears and not only! The band visual aesthetics wasn't either forgotten as the band incarnates the personification of the Bringers of Doom, four mysterious dark wizards and an obscure bewitching witch that take each and every mystical live performance to the next level!

Equally impressive is the whole visual art concept (cover and booklet) by
the dark magician Mitchell Nolte, who has created here one of the best painted visual works I've seen in years, an astonishing work of art full of symbolism that fits in perfection on the bands creations! Not less astonishing is the production done by Marius Strand at Strand Studio (Susperia, Insidious Disease, Chrome Division,  etc.) on "High the Memory" where every musical element fits on each other on an enormous and extensive work of art, it's not always easy to combine all the orchestrations, instrumentations, vocals, etc. on such a "magical musical potion" and give every single element it's right position.

managed to create a unique and impressive atmospheric soundscape worthy of an epic movie, here the majestic orchestral key work done by André Aaslie with the use of Mellotron and Minimoog and Memnock's Upright Bass really take Abyssic sound to a new dimension and magnitude.
The combined elements of funeral doom/death metal together with some black metal darkness and some progressive influences bring forth a colossal musical piece that will shake the Metal grounds and be noticed as one of the best pieces of its genre! Low tuned ominous riffs and sinister dark orchestrations give the band the notorious identity to move forwards and reach a wider range of metal adepts. Abyssic have crafted their arcane musical essence on an astute musical combination that will please adepts of bands such as Slumber, Shape of Despair, Desire, Septicflesh, My Dying Bride, etc.

Abyssic "High the Memory"
album takes their listeners deep into a transcendental journey beyond the realms of doom and death metal, crossing landscapes of Majestic Norwegian black metal and sophisticated old-fashioned progressive rock, a musical delicacy to ones ears.
The album starts with
"Adornation", the shortest track of the whole piece but in no way less imposing. This is an epic track about the mysterious Lilith, a goddess of dark desires to some and a mischievous addictive whore to others! A short instrumental interlude introduces the listeners to what is about to come... an impressive track that rises in tension with a really addictive dark epic atmosphere, a great dynamic song full of mysticism! Here as in the whole piece the imposing guttural vocals by Memnock give magnitude to such powerful music!
The title track "High the Memory" follows, this is the longest track of the whole album with more than 20 minutes of some of the most amazing doom/death metal I heard in years... intense, emotional, profound and with such and haunting feeling attached to it! Impressive is how the band keeps their listeners captive to each second of this phantasmagorical piece of art!
This song is an authentic journey across the horizons of human emotions like depression, sadness, hope, peacefulness among many others... you need to discover them on each listening! "High the Memory" song is in fact a bone-crushing slow and deep dark melodic experience with loads of enriching details that grow on each listening like the whole album.
Embark on the "Transition Consent", this next track takes you into an eerie dark ride across the hash lands of doom, here the strong keyboard lines and whispered dark bewitching vocals by
Makhashanah give this track an even higher emotional bound to the whole track tension. 
"Where My Pain Lies" is another intense song full of sorrows! A dynamic track where the pounding drums, disturbing keyboards as well as whispered eerie vocals create an even higher tension to the whole song. This is an emotional journey through agony and distress so just let yourself go in such a ghostly enchanting experience!
"Dreams Become Flesh" is the ending track of this impressive piece of doom/death metal art! Here the grim and frostbitten traditional Norwegian black metal parts give the whole album the needed dose of aggressiveness and frozen tones to the already brilliant sound landscape created by the band, this is one my favourite tracks of the whole piece, it's amazing how they combine the furious rhythms of black metal with the delightful moments of clarity through the amazing orchestrations by
Andre Aaslie, impressive to say the least! There is in fact no cruelty without beauty!

"High the Memory"
is a monument of doom/death metal and another step forwards on Abyssic promising musical path, constantly ascending into higher grounds of acknowledgement! "High the Memory" is an intense journey that goes beyond the realms of orchestral doom and death metal art, taking their listeners into a profound and transcendental darkened musical landscape over obscure dreams of splendorous phantasmagorical darkness.
majestic and creative sound goes deep in your ears and the melodies will stick into your mind, causing a lasting impact and addiction. You can't simply be indifferent to such a landmark on doom/death metal domain, this is without a doubt one of the best pieces on its genre I heard in years, proving that Abyssic is allot more than just another covenant of veteran Norwegian musicians, this conjuration wasn't in fact in vain and "High the Memory" is the vivid result of their arcane witchcraft... take a listen and be bewitched with such an unique symbiosis of atmospheric doom/death metal, haunting black metal and enriching progressive elements! Abyssic have taken doom/death metal into an absolute new level, sadly not all will understand it!

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RATE: 9,5/10


"High the Memory" : Video Teaser : https://youtu.be/OtcIbUzEVL8

OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.abyssic.com/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/abyssicofficial

BOOKING/CONTACT: abyssicofficial@gmail.com

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