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Black Altar + Varathron + Thornspawn [Split] - Emissaries of the Darkened Call [2013] - NPH Review


Here we are to present and review "
Emissaries of the Darkened Call" the new split CD of Polish Black Metal legends Black Altar who have joined forces with the Hellenic Varathron and Us/Mexicans Thornspawn Hell-spawns to create this unholy piece of blackest art! A great black metal piece for adepts. Dark, sinister and unholy as black metal is intended to be! A great piece to add to your blaspheme quality collection. An album for adepts of
Urgehal, Watain, Tjuder, Tulus, Satyricon, Immortal, Rotting Christ etc... a wicked release filled up with blackest hymns of destruction and terrorizing atmospheres, you must check it out and be cursed for eternity by the "emissaries of the darkened call"!

NeKronos Promotion HELL

Black Altar / Varathron / Thornspawn - split cd - “Emissaries of the Darkened Call” - 2013 - Odium Rex
Genre: Black Metal

"(...)A ritual slaughter of christ striplings
The Beast is watching through a lunar eye
Lighting up the routes I am walking
Cloaked in velvet night
I am Shadow arousing fear in victims' eyes(...)
"  Black Altar - Nighthunter

BLACK ALTAR Polish black metal legends have joined forces with their blackest arts allies Varathron and Thornspawn to created the split "Emissaries of the Darkened Call"! A true piece of unholy blasphemy, as brutal as terrorizing as it could be!
Black Altar been born in a blasphemous Sabbath in the Night of Walpurgia Anno Bastardi 1996 by the hand of the dark lord Shadow, the only remaining founding member, since then the band has been rising with unholy strenght to set a mark on Polish black metal scene, yet they have become legends on what they do.
True to the underground metal movement, they've been raising fans all across this black metal universe! This unholy crusade by the Black Altar guardian Shadow has given them due respect on this strict musical genre.
With their own terrorizing black metal sound, Black Altar reached with their latest full length "Death Fanaticist" allot of good reviews and critics, it has been a true highlight on the bands career!

This split release unveals a quite uniform quality black metal release, lead by Black Altar experience and conjured blackest sound, this release has all to please the tortured black metal adepts ears, and yet catching some death metallers attention, this with a twisted and sick unholy sound that shall haunt you for a good pack of time!
For those who don't know the band yet, the Greek Varathron sound and dynamics are closer to the one played by Black Altar, yet with the add of some Hellenic spice and melody here and there, all this without the loss of the brutal sound with some death metal elements into. By the other hand, Thornspawn unleash a true rough and ugly black metal sound, damn old school and dirty, anyhow... how should fucking black metal be? Right? Sick and twisted as Hell \m/

On this split release Black Altar sound reaches another step forwards, the sound is each time deeper, dark, pale and sure to set horror on your wicked frostbitten minds, without a doubt a sound from a cult band doomed to be underated on this underground metal layer,
“Emissaries of the Darkened Call” is a piece hidded from the masses but known by the enemies of the hypocritical and hideous christian lambs.

The production is quite fitting on each bands evil intentions, yet Thornspawn may sound too analogue and dirty, yet I am sure the band intended it to be in this way! In the other hand the sound by Black Altar and Varathron is close to other bands you may associate with their sound, bands like Urgehal, Watain, Tjuder, Belphegor, Satyricon, Immortal, DarkThrone, Rotting Christ etc... the split was recorded at BAT studio by Marek Heimburger (Black Altar), Roller Coaster Studio, Patras GR by Haris and AchilleasC (Varathron) and Temple of the Beast studios by Andres Magana and the band (Thornspawn).

The release is quite uniform in quality but I should mention some highlights like "Nighthunter" a classic black metal song , "
Deep Cut into the Open Wound of Mankind" a crescent sharpen sacrficial dagger into your blackened hearts, or the brutal blasphemy by the name of "I'm Demon" by Black Altar other good tracks are  "Arawn's Reign" and the Black Sabbath cover "Ancient Warrior" by Varathron, songs that may attach easly to your ears once you first listen to them!

In all "
Emissaries of the Darkened Call" is a great black metal piece for adepts of deep dark, sinister and unholy black metal, as obscure as it intended to be! This is without a doubt an horror piece of darkest forms to add to your blaspheme quality collection! A release filled up with blackest hymns of destruction and terrorizing atmospheres, you must check it out and be cursed for eternity by the "emissaries of the darkened call"!

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RATE: 08/10

Here is the Tracklist for the album:

Black Altar / Varathron / Thornspawn - "Emissaries of the Darkened Call" - CD 2013

01 - Black Altar -
02 - Black Altar –
03 - Black Altar -
I'm Demon
04 - Black Altar -
Deep Cut into the Open Wound of Mankind
05 - Varathron -
Arawn's Reign
06 - Varathron -
Black Swamp
07 - Varathron -
Ancient Warrior (Black Sabbath cover)
08 - Thornspawn -
Baphobanner (Flag of Horror)
09 - Thornspawn -
Deceased Divinity (Pious Pulpit Burnt to Ashes)
10 - Thornspawn –
11 - Thornspawn -
Thorns of Black Spawned from the Altars of Northrav

Total playing time = 44:41

Recording Line-up (BLACK ALTAR):
SHADOW - Vokills, Bass and Death Spells
- Guitars

Recording Line-up (Varathron):

SOTIRIS - Guitars
HARIS - Drums

Recording Line-up (Thornspawn):
THORN - Hecatombs, Wips of Satanas, Goetic Invocator
HELLA - Spear of Destiny
MOON - Scythe of Sodoma

Check out the audio clip - Black Altar – “Nighthunter”

Check out the audio clip - Varathron – “Arawn’s Reich”

Check out the audio clip - Thornspawn – “Baphobanner (Flag of Horror)”

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