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Dormant Ordeal - It Rains, It Purs [2013] - NPH Review


Dormant Ordeal – It Rains, It Purs – 2013 – [Unsigned]
Genre: Death Metal

The Poles DORMANT ORDEAL released with “It Rains, It Purs“ their first full-length cd in in-house production.
The gents play Death Metal. Awkward songs which are not easy to consume, but nevertheless have their charm resound off my loudspeakers. The pretty arbitrary riffs and adaptations compose the unique sound of DORMANT ORDEAL. Nevertheless “It Rains, It Purs“ is no experimental cd, but Death Metal through and through. The songs tear forwards powerful, dark and with ravenous energy. The gloomy growls give additional main points and yet reinforce the hardness of the production. Severe doubleblast drumming which is proffered to the listener fast and powerful fits well into the musical overall structure. The all in all twelve songs all move in the mid tempo area. Technically adept recorded offers “It Rains, It Purs“ everything a Death Metal heart desires.

Higlights of "It Rains, It Purs" : "Cypress Mourning"; "Man From The Water"; "The Animal"; "Here Be Lions"

Review by : Battlepig

RATE: 08/10

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Dormant Ordeal - “It Rains, It Purs“ - CD 2013

01 -
Depopulation Of Io
02 -
Cypress Mourning
03 -
The Stepfather
04 -
The Sinless
05 -
Your Mother Slave
06 -
Unimagined, Unwritten, Unseen
07 -
08 -
Days That Didn't Make It
09 -
The Animal
10 -
Man FromThe Water
11 -
Here Be Lions
12 -
Depopulation Of Earth

Recording Line – Up:

Marciek Proficz – Vocals
Marciek Niescioruk – Guitars, Vocals
Kacper Dzialdowski – Bass
Radek Kowal - Drums

Check the Video Track for "The Animal" :

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