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SUSPERIA - The Lyricist - [2018] - Album Review by NPH - Rate 9,5/10


Cover design and artwork was prepared by Vincent Fouquet, Above Chaos.

- "The lyricist" - CD - 2018

1. I Entered
2. Heretic
3. The Lyricist
4. My Darkest Moment
5. Day I Died
6. Void
7. Feed The Fire
8. Whore Of Man
9. Come Alive

Dagon - vocals
Tjodalv -
Memnock -
Cyrus -
Elvorn -

"The Lyricist" was recorded at three different studios in Norway between February 2015 and May 2016. The album was later mixed and mastered at Strand Studio (Chrome Division, The Wretched End, In Vain) by Marius Strand.

SUSPERIA - The Lyricist - 2018 - Agonia Records
Genre: Blackened Thrash/Heavy Metal

has always been one of biggest metal promises from Norway. Since the foundation back in 1998 by Tjodalv (ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Old Man's Child) and Cyrus (ex-Satyricon, ex-Old Man's Child) the band had a quite notorious black metal background, something that was quite easy to notice on the bands debut EP "Illusions of Evil". This has been something that the band has abandoned through the years and the same happened to the use of keyboards that where performed on the debut EP by Mustis (ex-Dimmu Borgir), even so the debut album "Predominance" has been until now the bands most extreme full-length piece to the date, I mean until now, because the band is back to their dark primordial roots in the new blackened thrash/heavy metal piece by the title of "The Lyricist", that is in my opinion, the natural follow-up to the bands debut release "Predominance". You can now imagine how Susperia would have sounded like if they never departed from their extremer metal path!
Twenty years of success have allowed this powerful live band to tour with great bands such as Testament, W.A.S.P., In Flames, Destruction and Dimmu Borgir.
With this new album the band rises with one of their heaviest and most extreme albums to the date, much thanks to the incursion of new blood by the new singer Dagon who has ignited the flames of creation and with it a new stage for Susperia has arise!

"The Lyricist" bring fourth a new found confidence and determination deep within Susperia core, keeping up the melodic essence and strong identity the band now enhances its classical sound with reborn extremer metal features that takes Susperia sound into an absolute new level... and yeah Tjodalv blast beats are also back for your delight!
Nine years passed since the last Susperia original full-length release "Attitude", yet the wait was more than worthy since the band couldn't simply have a better comeback!
With "The Lyricist" the band has created one their richest and strongest releases to the date. The combination of rock-solid structures within each new and mind-blowing blackened thrash/heavy metal song is impressive. To add to the classic heavy metal ear catching melody and the thrash metal vicious fierceness we have some reborn blackened extremer metal touch as well as a slight "doomish" dark atmosphere that can be heard in tracks like "My Darkest Moment", this surely makes this new album become one of the most impressive and dynamic metal offers for 2018! What a comeback!

"The Lyricist" is allot more than just another Susperia album, in fact this experienced metal quintet has reinvented their music and feel like from fire reborn, with it they bring fourth an absolute new and fierce blackened thrash/heavy metal experience. The incursion of bands new blood by Dagon allowed the band to overcome what has been done before in the past, the new singer has that amazing vocal reach that shall impress you since first listening, imagine a mix of Athera (ex-Susperia), Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Matt Barlow (ex-Iced Earth) and Warrel Dane (R.I.P. : Sanctuary,ex-Nevermore) all in one singer! Susperia remaining members are the same that have recorded the bands debut "Predominance" album back in 1999 and it pretty much feels like they are back on those days with such flammable and inspired creations that will set your ears ablaze!
Tjodalv drums are better than ever in one of his greatest works to the date. Cyrus and Elvorn riffage and guitar melodies keep the essence within the classic Susperia sound. Memnock (Abyssic, ex-Old Man's Child) growling backing vocals and powerful bass lines solidify one of the best creations by the band to the date! Remarkably well produced, easy listening, addictive/"catchy" music where extremer metal blends perfectly with classic heavy metal and old-fashioned thrash metal!

The album starts with "I Entered", a powerful track that much alike the band arises in extremity. "Heretic" follows up; this is one of the most extreme songs of the whole new piece. The title track "The Lyricist" is one of my favourite tracks; this is another strong track revealing the bands reborn formula, fast and dark as hell. Another of my personal favourite tracks is "My Darkest Moment" which has a whole new dark/doom metal atmosphere as it explores metal most obscure and melancholic grounds. "Day I Died" is an outstanding track and another of my favourites, the whole catchy melody gets stuck in your ears since the very first listening. Tracks like "Void", "Feed the Fire" and "Whore of Man" continue to explore the Heavy/Extreme Metal combo in a impressive way. "Come Alive" is another of my own favourite tracks, an old fashioned thrash metal anthem that ends this ass kicking album!

Norway is a land of Vikings. frost and quality metal music, Susperia are a proof of the last one! With the latest work "The Lyricist" the band awakens the Susperian extremer metal Beast back from slumber and unleash one of their best and most addictive albums to the date! This has been a long awaited release from these experienced Norwegian musicians and the ending result proves they still got the fire to create one of the best pieces of metal for 2018! A dynamic and highly recommended new album for old and new fans of the band! This is the darker, heavier and the most extreme album that the band has done so far. "The Lyricist" will please adepts of quality metal music performed by impressively talented musicians!

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RATE: 9,5/10

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