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WORMWOOD - Join forces with Nekronos Promotion Hell!



Nekronos Promotion Hell
is really proud to announce the cooperation with WORMWOOD, the ultimate atmospheric melodic black metal band from Sweden. This is an impressive and promising new band that blends perfectly the best of atmospheric and folk elements with the roughness of black metal! Be sure to keep a close eye on this band, highly recommended for adepts of bands such as
Månegarm, Thyrfing, Borknagar, Kampfar, Enslaved, Windir, etc.!

Rui Gonçalves (RüPä), founder of this non-profit metal support agency comments:
"It's an honour for us to announce our cooperation with Wormwood! Must say I was completely blown away as I first heard the preview for "Ghostlands" the bands debut full length album, this was probably the best folk black metal I heard in years! Impressively strong and epic black metal themes, addictive melodic folk and atmospheric elements make this album become a work of pure metal art! Wormwood are the new blood that runs over Swedish heathen lands, a rising power with a prosperous future ahead!"

Wormwood comments on this news:" As we want to spread our music and name all across the world it only seems fitting to join the spearhead in the front line with NeKronos Promotion. We are sure that we can grow ever bigger as a band with this eminent help.
Witness us!"

"Ghostlands - Wounds From a Bleeding Earth" - Album Teaser:

"Godless Serenade" - Official Videoclip


In 2014 when Rydsheim, Jothun and Borka wanted to create something together.
Rydsheim and Borka was in a band together called ÅSKFÖDD which had gathered notoriety in the folk scene around Stockholm, Sweden. Jothun had been in various bands before but nothing which caught his interest. The trio started to play black'n roll but lacked a vocalist and a steady second guitarist. After a few months Nine (WITHERSHIN) and Nox (WITHERSHIN, PRAY FOR LOCUST, RIKET) joined and the journey began to take shape.
Together they formed the band WORMWOOD and released their debut EP in 2015, The Void – Stories From the Whispering Well.
A record where they mixed folk, black and rock'n roll. Lyrics based on old Scandinavian folk tales.

With a sense of unfulfillment they began to reshape their sound. After a toilsome year of live performances and creating new music, all of the songs where done and the next step was to record it.
Sverker Widgren (DEMONICAL, DIABOLICAL) was the first choice, so WORMWOOD entered Wing Studios to record Ghostlands – Wounds From a Bleeding Earth (release date in spring 2017). The final product was an ethereal mix of genres, black metal, folk, rock. All this was combined in an atmospherical undertone.

The album was recorded and WORMWOOD released their music video, Godless Serenade, which was shot up in the high north of Sweden, far above the arctic circle. Some of the shot was also done outside of Stockholm, where the director Isak Skagerström lives. The music video was a success and the hunt for a label ensued. After a while, a perfect home was found; Non Serviam Records. They had the perfect vision for WORMWOOD. Fruitful years are surely to come.

2017 will be the year of WORMWOOD. Be a part of this monumental journey. We have such sights to show the world.

2015: The Void: Stories from the Whispering Well
2017: Ghostlands: Wounds From A Bleeding Earth *

* [
Read the Nekronos Promotion Hell Review :: HERE :: Rate 10/10 ]

Nine - Vocals
Rydsheim - Guitar
Nox - Guitar
Borka - Bass
Johtun - Drums

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