Friday, 28 September 2012

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To all Mutilador followers, labels, bands and contacts in general:
The reason of this message is to announce the new look and direction of this publication. Due to the many delays that were experiencing in the last issues, we decided to stop publishing Mutilador Zine as PDF format.
We won't leave the zine, on the contrary, will still do interviews, reviews and reports as has been done so far, just gonna post them directly from our official website . All this in order to reach a wider audience and work practically in "real time" as we have realized, the daily visits on our site are larger than those we had with the downloads in PDF.
This change is also due to excessive requests with interviews and reviews of some of the bands, labels and promoters who have been contacting us. We streamline the publications and dont let it gets "old" or lose its validity. That's why our sites (both official and facebook) are being updated on a daily basis or according to the amount of material that has ready for publication.
As mentioned above, WE WON'T LEAVE MUTILADOR, we are gonna renew us to offer our fans a faster and better service.
Thanks in advance for your support. You know we're here to serve and offer the best.
Hugs and greetings to everyone!

Mutilador Crew

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Jose Luis Pelaez Abrego - Editor in Chief and Owner of Mutilador eZine

Hermanas Muerte - Management

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