Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ATROPOS - Reconquista - New full length is out now!

New album out now!

On 26 September, 2012, “RECONQUISTA”, long expected LP from ATROPOS of Warsaw, Poland. It was recorded at Lunatech Sound Studios in Katerini, Greece (known of several mighty Greek productions, including SivaSix, Nyne and the most recent album by the Greek legend and one of the Atropos’ sources of inspiration – Rotting Christ). “RECONQUISTA” is a powerful strike of dark/black/death metal. It is faster, more aggressive and evil than anything the band has created before. It includes a cover of “Catch”, the song by the club music stars Kosheen. The graphics and layout were made again by Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki/ Pinesound.pl., similarly as in last year “Crucifiction” and “Inhabitant” EPs’ case. “RECONQUISTA” will be available directly from the band:

1. Quattra (Behold the New Queen)
2. Seven
3. Reconquista
4. Silver Coin
5. A Drop of Possession
6. Fuel of God
7. Streamlet by Will
8. Silent Winter Symphony
9. Catch [Kosheen cover]
10. Sunri.Dare.S [feat. Harry Noctifer and Herr Khaos]

hvr - bass, voc, Legion - guit. Młody - guit., Videu - drums.

Guest appearance:
Harry Noctifer - guest vocals in Sunri.Dare.S,
Herr Khaos
- keyboards and programming; additional vocals in Sunri.Dare.S

“Catch” featured by courtesy of Moksha Recordings/Tairona Songs

Produced by Legion & Atropos
Recorded in July 2007 at Lunatech Sounds Studio, Katerini, GR, by Dimitris N. Douvras (a.k.a. Herr Khaos), except vocals recorded at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, PL, engineered by Robert Srzednicki, and
additional guitars recorded at Progresja Studio, Warsaw, PL, engineered by Janos Mixed at Lunatech Sounds Studio by Herr Khaos Mastered by Robert Srzednicki at Serakos Studio


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