Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Tribute and Kult to DEVIAN - Swedish Blackened Death Thrash Metal


Top (left to right) Tomas Nilsson, Joinus, Carl Stjarnlov, Below: Emil Dragutinovic
DEVIAN (Last Formation):

"We have decided to put Devian to rest. After the tour with Unleashed in 2009 we started to focus on the third Devian opus. After a few months of hard work on the album Legion announced that he'd leave the band. About that time we also parted ways with the label that released our two first albums, Century Media. (...)" Devian official last statement !

"Like many fans of this outstanding Blackened Death Thrash
Metal, I, that followed their career since their birth as "Rebel Angels" then "Elizium", was dishapointed to see another great band to fall into the oblivion of their end. Was an honour to support and create the Kult of the Serpent (Devian Official Street Team). A privilege to support such outstanding musicians and Metallions with all my energies and MetalHeart! Devian shall be remembered by many as just another band of ex-Marduk members Legion and Emil, they proved with both their records "Ninewinged Serpent" and "God to the Illfated" , Tours and loads of live dates, that they where allot more than that and with an own strong identity, there sure was allot more to offer their fans as we could hear still on their myspace! Their legacy was set into Metal World and still their members music goes on! Support them !!! " RüPä - NeKronos Promotion

Check out their two smashing official clips:
"Scarred" from "Ninewinged Serpent" debut release @
"Assailant" from "God to the Illfated" second release @


"(...)Joinus left Emil, Tomas and Carl decided to put Devian to sleep, forever…(...)" still each one of the 4 Swedish Riders of the Apocalypse continued with their music careers in some great Swedish bands, you can follow them still, one by one!

Tomas Nilsson aka Zornheym :
You can find him playing bass on Swedish Black Metal Legends Dark Funeral and at Hardcore, Metal, Crust band Aktiv Dödshjälp

You can find him playing guitar on the Swedish Rock band The Horsehead Union

Carl Stjarnlov:
You can find him playing bass for the Swedish Blackened Death Metal band Diabolical

Emil Dragutinovic:
You can find him playing drums, guitars, keys and backing vocals on the Swedish Death Metal band Rupture


More Info on Devian:
Official MySpace :
(Where you can listen to their last 3 tracks)
Official Youtube Channel :
Official Facebook : LINK
Official Twitter :


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