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OAK - Reveal studio live video recording for the song "Sculptures"!



Portuguese Funeral Doom/Death Metal duo by the name of OAK entered Stone Sound Studio in Portugal and made a live recording of a composition called “Sculptures“.

"Sculptures" is the ground shaped by the walk of whom carries the heaviest of burdens. With each step, the feet are buried deeper, being swallowed by the soil. A path that is formed by the passage of a body hollowed out of it's soul, that keeps going through unimaginable pain, never looking back and suffering alone.

OAK are a project of two members from the sensation Portuguese black metal band GAEREA!

Check out the live video performance for "Sculptures" below:

Check out NO CLEAN SINGING article on this at the link below:

“Sculptures” is a musical spellcaster of a high order, one that rises slowly like a haunting mist across a barren plain and then steadily grows in emotional power and intensity. The deep thump and boom of the drums beat like a dying leviathan heart, but the pulse quickens, just as the song’s heart-aching melody becomes more despairing and the vocalist’s grim, cavernous growls become howls of pain.

As the pace subsides again, the mesmerizing guitar reverberations signal the return of a soulful, spectral visitation, eventually joined by a tumbling, rhythmically compulsive drum progression. And then the weight of crushing grief descends like a collapsing mountain — the music becomes staggeringly heavy, and then mounts toward a crescendo of blasting, thundering drums, scything riffs, and ravaging roars.

The intensity crests, and what’s left in its wake are final heartbeats and ghost-lights, echoing and shimmering across that barren plain in the mind’s eye.

Yes indeed, it’s a spellbinding song, but it is still a work in progress. The final version of the song will be included on OAK’s debut album, which is now being recorded in the same Stone Sound Studio in Portugal with sound engineer and producer Ricardo Oliveira (who has worked with Colosso and The Ominous Circle, among others). We’ll be anxiously awaiting its completion.

We’re also happy to report that OAK will be making their first live appearance on March 24th in an ancient chapel in the north of Portugal, with our friends in Bell Witch. Tickets are available HERE.

“Sculptures” is available for download now, on Bandcamp; it features artwork by Pedro Soares. NO CLEAN SINGING

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