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ZORNHEYM - The Opposed - [2016] - Single - Review by NPH - Rate 9,5/10



The Opposed

Bendler :
Zorn :
Lead guitars
Scucca :
Angst :

ZORNHEYM - The Opposed - SINGLE - 2016 - Label: Non Serviam Records
Genre: Symphonic Extreme Metal

"(...) Dark, so dark within these closing walls
Cold, alone and broken by my past
Dark twin; i carved you off my face
And now, you're yearning to take my place (...)"
The Opposed

From the cold dark lands of Sweden where hatred dwells and darkness reigns comes the ultimate symphonic extreme band by the name of Zornheym. A band that was founded by the genial mind of the multi-instrumental songwriter Zorn (Aktiv Dödshjalp, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Devian, etc.) who quickly was joined by Bendler (Facebreaker, Engulfing Rage, etc.) who owns truly outstanding and dynamic vocals, Angst (Diabolical) who is without a doubt a top quality experienced extreme metal drummer and finally Scucca (Encrowned, etc.) who is a damn talented guitarist as well as a great music arranger!
Zornheym is an alliance of experienced Swedish extreme metal-hearts who forged a symphonic piece of art by the title of "The Opposed"! A piece that will make symphonic extreme metal adepts jaw fall, not only for this outstanding track, which will be featured in a near future debut full length, but at most by all the hard work and strong concept forged by the band. A conceptual album story that may remind you of King Diamond unique horror pieces, simply a tormenting delight to ones senses!

Zornheym horror story concept is allot more than just a musical experience, it's in fact the whole horror experience right in your face! Just check... together with the song we have the music video and a comic book strip with the whole story behind the song! What more can we ask for on an age where extreme metal music industry is so damn saturated!? This is without a doubt a whole new and fresh experience!
"The Opposed"
is part of an ambitious work crafted by extreme dedication and devotion by all the band members! Zornheym brings Symphonic extreme metal into a whole new horror cinematic concept, a work of pure excellence! In fact, this has been the whole masterplan growing inside Zorn's mind once he departed from Dark Funeral. At that time his genius was eager to embrace a more demanding metal experience who could satisfy properly his creative mind!
"The Opposed" will shake Traditional extreme metal grounds, a new vision approaches within this whole new symphonic experience!

Let me take you now deeper into this horror scenario! Zornheim is an asylum for the criminally insane, the epicentre of all Zornheym narrative. Each songs talks about an inmate from this mental institution. Each one of these deranged and demented inmates has a horror tale of it's own to be told! This is a highly detailed and demanding concept that has put the band to the test! All of this horrid scenarios are graphically reproduced on its own comic strip drawn
the amazing artist Anu Bring (Märvel, Evil-lÿn, Satan’s fall). I must say I am more than impressed with all the details behind each song/story! This is a HUGE work!
"The Opposed" single, who's cover art was drawn by Jens Rydén (Marduk, Thyrfing), particularly tells us the tale of Edward van Rheingold (Zornheim inmate No. ZH000A27), an heir to a noble family who suffers from Diprosopus and has tendencies for self-mutilation!  Since a child he has isolated himself due to his malignant abnormal growth of his skull, this has caused Edward a series of instigating paranoia of a second self inner communication, this deranged behaviour has made him a quite anti-social person since early age! He was committed to the asylum in his late adolescence once his self-mutilations resulted on the extreme deformation of his body leaving him with deep permanent scars! Still his musical endeavours continue to offer him some moments of relief as his sole possession is his cello. However these moments are short-lived before he reverts back to his continual raving and screams of anguish. This suicidal maniac was committed to the asylum for the rest of his living days!

This piece of extreme metal symphonic art was recorded at Wing Studios (Sweden) by the veteran sound magician Sverker Widgren (Demonical, Diabolical, October Tide, IXXI, Etc.). The ending result is massive and full of musical layers that fit in perfection on each other resulting on an ultimate symphonic musical experience! The brilliant string orchestra by Dies Iona Ensembly and choirs by among other Lars "Lerta" Palmqvist (Scar Symmetry) blend perfectly with Zornheym outstanding extreme musical compositions!

All In all, "The Opposed" is impressive and addictive in all ways and forms, making you eager for what is to come in the bands near future! Zornheym delivers an extraordinaire whole new musical concept who enables it's listeners to experience both musically and visually this cinematographic symphonic extreme metal creation! A piece of art with high impact not to be missed by adepts of bands such as Dissection, Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, Behemoth, Emperor, etc! "The Opposed" by Zornheym is a track you need to listen again and again in order to check it's every detail... in the end you might feel as if you are already part of this horror scenario! You might ask yourself if you are still sane!? Or are you already ravaging your way into Zornheim asylum?

RüPä - NeKronos Promotion HELL

RATE: 9,5/10

ZORNHEYM "The Opposed"
Music Video Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK0B6N_4JJM




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