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DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS "Simulacra" (2012) NPH Review - Rate 10/10


Here we are to present and review "Simulacra", the new and outstanding release of the Polish Modern Extreme Metallions Devilish Impressions! Without a doubt one of the most expected and addicting albums for 2012. Devilish Impressions have made a huge step forwards in all aspects on their musical career with this enriching release, a heart-felt experience for the listeners, spiced by majestic orchestrations and melodies added to the extreme metal aggressive touch, all in the right dose. A dynamic piece in all its own extreme aura! Indeed a complete release that shall please the most of the adepts of these metal genre. A masterpiece of musical art polished in all the right edges... "Simulacra" is for sure a must-have release in 2012 a product of excellence!

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DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS - Simulacra - 2012 - Icaros Records
Genre: Modern Extreme Music

"(...)Of all ancient ones you are the one that had become an icon for us all
Rise your voice now up to the throne of those who lived and died at pantheon!(...)"
Icaros - Simulacra

Devilish Impressions
are considered as one of Poland’s leading and most innovative modern black/death metal acts. Devilish Impressions officially started in 2000 as a three-piece, with founding singer / guitarist Quazarre remaining as the only member of the original line-up. Since then the band has always been developing their sound into something unique and own, with "Diabolicanos, Act III...",the bands previous release, captured already the worldwide attention of fans and media with their "modern black death metal" sound, this has allowed them to tour with metal colossus such as Behemoth, Hate, Vader, Suffocation and more! Yet with this new opus, Devilish Impressions shall achieve allot more, for their sound is at the top of what is being done on Polish extreme metal elite (Vader, Behemoth, Hate, Decapitated), when you listen to "Simulacra" you will understand what I mean here, simply outstanding, modern extreme metal art with all the right spice to make these new piece become one of the best 2012 albums of the genre!
When we compare "Simulacra" (the bands 4th opus) with the previous releases I can only state that Devilish Impressions are better than ever and have conquered all with these new outstanding Luciferian dark sound, they developed their musical art and brought it to an absolute new level, this with special highlight to all the amazing spine-chilling orchestrations and musical structures, delicate but yet so powerful and dynamic, a piece of art made from musical geniality!

"Simulacra" shows itself to the listeners as a top extreme metal release, the best work ever from Devilish Impressions to the date. The heart-felt melodies, the haunting colossal orchestrations, the warm hallow romantic touch here and there, transcendent and epic mystical aura, defiant and eloquent lyricism, how complete and dynamic can this album be!? A magic potion of extreme metal with a bit of everything into, an epic trip on a ocean of creativity and geniality. As grandiose as other masterpieces in extreme metal created by other Metal Titans! As symphonic epic as Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Vesania or Septic Flesh as brutal as Behemoth, Vader or Arkhon Infaustus as melancholic as Katatonia or Opeth, as darkly romantic as Cradle of Filth, Moonspell or Ancient as astral as Limbonic Art or Crionics ... yet as unique as Devilish Impressions!

The POLISHed production and recordings of "Simulacra" mostly done on the famous Hertz Studios by Devilish Impressions and Slawek & Wojtek Wieslawscy (Vader,Behemoth,Crionics, Decapitated, etc.) as well as the mixing and mastering are simply another piece of art to come out of such outstanding studios, as clean as majestic as it could be, a perfect fit to these Devilish album.
The album comes as a 3-winged digipack along with 16-pages booklet, all with amazing cover, layout and design done by Michal ‘Xaay’ Loranc (Nile, Vader, Behemoth, Necorphagist etc.). A perfect match to all the lyrical concept of the album, the chess "king" Lucifer pieces on the board serve as an philosophic theme across all these release. The eternal dichotomy, since the cradle to the grave, between good and evil... an ode to the rebel angel Lucifer.
The lyrics written, in the majority, by Quazzare with the bright use of quotations of artists like Oscar Wilde, Dante, William Blake, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe, among others, reveal again that this is not just a musical piece of art but as well an enlighten, mind-liberating piece of pure philosophy and artistic eloquence. There is allot to learn from the spoken words, allot to drink from such rebel poetry and wisdom. A waste it would be to let this written wisdom be untouched once you buy this epic artistic piece!

Musically this is a completely dynamic album, the stunning vocals done by Quazarre, both vociferated and clean makes me dare to say that he is one of the best and most complete singers and musicians in extreme metal, these release is a proof of that, if that isn't enough, his guitar work is another highlight through all the album, the melodic touch, the outstanding riffs and leads, well... no wonder allot of other bands already requested for his services. The outstanding top-skilled tight drumming by Icanraz reveal that he is among the elite Polish drummers, must say his versatile work is an highlight through all these album. Never behind the other elements, Vraath pounding bass lines are a delight to the listeners ears, a constant dark pulse on the darkest tunes. One of the higher developments on the characteristic Devilish Impressions sound are without a doubt the majestic splendorous orchestrations done by the guests Peter ‘Lestath’ Leszczynski (METransmissionAL) and Wojciech ‘Flumen’ Kostrzewa (Asgaard). Enriching atmospheres that place the band side by side with other melodic metal legends, indeed some of the best orchestrations I heard in some good pack of time! To notice also the participations of Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) with a great lead on “Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici” and Roman Bereźnicki (Lecter) who added some good acoustic guitar and bass sound into this delightful release!

Can't really pick best songs on "Simulacra" from "Icaros" an epic hymn to the incarnated mankind's dream towards the apocalyptic "Legion of Chaos" where fountains of blood run down like rain in such mystical astral aura. Then come fourth "Lilith" a darkly romantic spine-chilling rhapsody to the non-submissive cursed ancient one who defied the gods of slavery, a song as addicting as haunted with such smashing mellow clean vocals. Quench your thirst as thou are god yourself... "Fear no gods!" unleashes the fury on an illuminated creation, a tune enriched with some outstanding clean vocals. When wolves and tigers howl for prey you will listen to "The scream of the lambs" an anthem of melodious delight with a superb guitar lead in the end. All your hope is gone in the "Spiritual blackout", engraved in black this is a darkened dynamic powerful track. March on! Conquer and take no slaves on "Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici" ("By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe") another fast yet militant Pestapocalyptical tune followed by another outstanding epic hymn by the name of "The last farewell", wipe off the tears that run down your face as you hear to such intense and strong tune, here the choirs and melancholic clean vocals may give you some chills across thy spine and haunt you with such splendour. Simply the album couldn't end better than with the instrumental colossus by the name of "Solitude", close your eyes, transcend, let your soul fly and ascend to your own kingdom, for you are your own God!

"Simulacra" is a spine chilling experience for the listeners, a blend of eloquent philosophy and outstanding melodious orchestrations added to the epic extreme metal aggressive touch. All in the addicting right dose, dynamic in all its own extreme metal aura. Since I first heard "Icaros" (the first promo track for "Simulacra") I had no doubt that this would be one of the best albums for 2012 and years to follow, a piece not to be missed by any extreme metal worshiper, some of the best albums I heard in these last years, so complete, harmonious, spirited, all with a transcendent quality. A must have diamond on every Metalhead collection. With this work Devilish Impressions challenged the gods and flew above all men and reach the sun and the moon!

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RATE: 10/10

Here is the Tracklist for the album:

DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS - "Simulacra" - CD 2012

01 -
02 - Legion of Chaos
03 - Lilith
04 - Fear no gods!
05 - The Scream of The Lambs
06 - Spiritual Blackout
07 - Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici
08 - The Last Farewell
09 - Solitude

Total playing time = 39m

Recording Line-up:

Quazarre – vocals / rhythm, lead and acoustic guitars
Vraath – bass
Icanraz – drums

Session synth / samples / fx appearances by:
Peter ‘Lestath’ Leszczyński (METransmissionAL)
Wojciech ‘Flumen’ Kostrzewa (Asgaard)

Guest appearance:
Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) – lead on “Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici”
Roman Bereźnicki (Lecter) – acoustic guitars on “Lilith” and “Solitude”; bass guitar on “The Scream of The Lambs”

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