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SERRABULHO -PT- Ass Troubles [2013] - CD review by NPH - Rate 8/10


Here we are to present and review the hilarious piece of happy death / grindcore art by the Portuguese party demons Serrabulho. This absolutely crazy and wicked debut album goes by the suggestive title of "Ass Troubles", a must-have piece in every Grinders collection, an album aiming for a good pack of laughs and fun along it's listening! "Ass Troubles" is an absolute tasteless, perverted, sick and demented but yet jolly "in-your-face" album, it sure has all to please any party Grinder! An album that will put a smile in the face of fans from bands like Gut, Jig-Ai, Gronibard, Haemorrhage, Rumpeprop, Lividity, among others!
Get ready to enjoy some serious ass troubles while listening to this disgusting, ill-natured, sick piece of grind-art, hehe I am sure you will laugh your asses out while listening to this short but intense piece!

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Here is the Tracklist for the album:
- "Ass Troubles" - CD 2013

01 - Atomic Fart
02 -
Left Ball
03 -
Disgusting Piece of Shit
04 -
Lèche Moi les Couilles
05 -
O Arroto Cheirava a Suco Gástrico
06 -
Quero Cagar e Não Posso
07 -
Don't Fuck With Krusty
08 -
Pubic Hair in the Glasses
09 -
Toco Loco du Moi
10 -
I'm Full of This Shit

Total playing time = 28m

Recording Line-up (Conquest Icon):
PAULO - Guitar, vocals
TOKÁ - vocals
IVAN - drums

Serrabulho - “Ass Troubles” - 2013 - Vomit Your Shirt
Genre: Happy Death / Grindcore

The band:
For those yet unfamiliar with these crazy critters from Vila Real - Portugal ,Serrabulho are an absolutely wicked happy death / grindcore band, one of our Portuguese finest examples on this genre, counting with ToKa (ex-Holocausto Canibal) on the vocals. You sure couldn't pick anyone better to raise such top-quality band on Portuguese lands!
They play fast grindcore aiming for some good laughs, a natural-born party band for adepts of bands such as
Gut, Jig-Ai, Gronibard, Haemorrhage, Rumpeprop, Lividity, among many others! A must-check band for party-animals with a total perverted taste for fast music and riffs that will hook you up to every jolly wicked song!
Since their founding year in 2010 they have impressed with their crazy live performances, leaving no one indifferent to their music and attitude, even people who aren't so much into grindcore at all. The energy and the comic behaviour renewed in every new show sure brings everybody into Serrabulho party shows! It's impossible to be dull and bored on their concerts!

The new album musically:
"Ass Troubles"
is impressively the debut release of Serrabulho Portuguese party grinders. With this album they seem to have been years on the field and grinding their asses up since ages ago, the frenetic energy, the know-how, all this mature sound with a very "old-kid" party attitude proves that Serrabulho are an obligatory band on every show where you wish to amuse the audience, combining local "Pimba music" (Portuguese danceable romantic naughty music) and cartoons tunes, all this with the add of the most extreme fast death / grindcore.
It's impossible to be indifferent to Serrabulho music, Grinder or not, you will enjoy this good-mood making release. "Ass Troubles" is fast, happy, catchy and will surely make you listen to it on and on, singing along with the songs! If that aren't enough reasons to get this release, then the wicked lyrics, perverted cover art by Marta Peneda and naughty song titles in many bad-languages make a perfect fit and wrap-up to the bands concept!

The band members and album production:
work pretty much as a whole, the front-man ToKa is a damn well known Grinder in the Portuguese scene, former Holocausto Canibal singer who's very dear to our legion of metal fans, his experience and natural party-animal behaviour sure captivates every metal-head attention, his growls, grunts and squeaks together with Paulo's high tone vocals sure work awesome on this release. Paulo's riff hooks, and demented guitar work sure give all the right dose of aggression to this release, all this with the great pounding bass of Guilhermino and the brutal drum work by Ivan.
The production that was done by the bass player Guilhermino Martins and Serrabulho, at Blind & Lost Studios (Stª Marta de Penaguião, Portugal) is just about perfect to present the band at it's best on it's debut, a smashing work of death / gindcore!

The album track highlights:
Grindcore albums where meant to be short and intense, Serrabulho sure take this literally on their debut, from the starting track "Atomic Fart" to the last "I'm full of this shit" the band unleashes some "in-your-face" grindcore with some nice death metal vibe into, all this with the add of damn funny intros to the songs. Tracks like "Atomic Fart", "
Disgusting Piece of Shit", "Lèche Moi les Couilles", "Pubic Hair in the Glasses" and "Toco Loco du Moi" will get stuck into your hears, like they sure did to mine, cool and addicting songs on this grindcore comic madness!

The Epilog:

In all this smashing, yet short debut release from Portuguese party grinders Serrabulho is a must-have release to any grindcore fans and not only, it's an addicting album that will get you into a real good mood! "Ass Troubles" will bring out the "naughty-child" side from you! No wonder one of the bands influences is the absolutely bad-tasted n' hilarious disgusting cartoons Ren & Stimpy! There is still allot to expect on future albums of the band, allot more to come and develop, but for now prepare yourself for some real ass troubles Serrabulho style, without a doubt one of the best Portuguese grindcore releases out to the date, I am sure you will laugh your ass out with this piece of happy death / grindcore... and probably get some ass troubles afterwards!!!

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RATE: 8/10

"Atomic Fart" audio track:

"Pubic Hair in the Glasses" audio track:

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