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MALEVOLENCE -PT- Antithetical [2013] - CD review by NPH - Rate 8,5/10


Here we are to present and review "Antithetical" the new CD from Portuguese Extreme Metal masters Malevolence! The third and yet the best album of the bands career, without a doubt one of the best metal albums to come out from Portuguese lands. A great technical and progressive piece of extreme metal no doubt! Carlos Cariano and its team have surely achieved a colossal piece on this musical genre! An album for adepts of bands such as Samael, Rotting Christ, Meshuggah, Decapitated, Psycroptic, Morbid Angel, Emperor (latest stage) among many others!
sure puts Portugal back in the map of Extreme Metal references, a great work from Malevolence, a work that shall ensure everyone that there are allot more quality metal bands in Portugal beside the well known Moonspell, a band that back in time has recruited the services of Malevolence bassist Aires! A must in every technical/progressive death metal fan collection, a venomous work that puts the band where it belongs!
As Mankind falls into ambiguous values, slowly slithers into the darkest pits of empty and hollow existence, a life without a true meaning. Living without true values of worth will make you no better than a common beast! Make your stand against human banal behaviour and make your life your own!

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Here is the Tracklist for the new CD:
- "Antithetical" - CD 2013

1. Slithering
2. Cult of the Everlasting
3. Devoured Unlimited
4. Antithetical
5. Equilibrium In Extremis
6. Exocortex Momentum
7. Mechanisms of Destructive Behavior

Recording Line-up (MALEVOLENCE):

Carlos Cariano | Vox & Guitars
Aires Pereira | Bass
Fred Noel | Guitars
Paulo Pereira | Keyboards & Programming
Dirk Verbeuren | Drums ( session musician )

MALEVOLENCE - CD - “Antithetical(*)” - 2013 - Carbon Medien
Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal

(*)Antithethical :
"Ancient Greek Etymology (1580s, from Gk. ANTITHETIKOS) that reflects the diametrical opposition to a number of propositions consisting in the revelation of a divergent thought. Pertaining to ANTITHETICAL, the Anti (against) + Thesis (position), as a figure of speech (mainly used by the authors of the Baroque period; style of the epoch known as the art of conflict) acknowledge opposition towards the relative thesis expressed. "

The band:
Portuguese extreme progressive masters have unleashed their third and best album on their careers by the title of "Antithetical".
For those who don't know the band yet, here goes some short description:
The band has been created way back in 1994 by the creative individual mind of Carlos Cariano and are currently in their nineteenth year of existence whilst propelling ahead as a fiercely independent extreme metal act. Since their birth and release, after release, the band has received loads of great critics from the media and fans, the highlight was the 2nd release "Martyrialized" [1999], an album recorded on Fredman Studios (Sweden - Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, Arch Enemy, etc.) that allowed the band to establish themselves as one of the best Portuguese metal acts, receiving great critics and sharing stages in and outside Portugal with bands such as Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, Marduk, Moonspeel, Avulsed, etc. After several years of absence and with this new release, they will surely be brought back to their rightful place in the Extreme Metal scene!

The new album musically:
With "Antithetical" Malevolence present us a totally new and updated formula, allot more venomous and brutal than on previous works, in all with a total "chainsaw guts-fucked" demented aura. "Antithetical" is a great development from their previous "full-length" album, pushing the band forwards in extreme metal. Malevolence became a band deeply into an allot more demanding form of metal, extreme and fast but yet progressive and technical, with it, pushing the band-members skills and talent to their limits. The finished work sets a mark on Portuguese metal scene as one of the best pieces of the genre to come out from Portuguese lands, proving that there are allot more quality extreme metal bands from Lusitanian lands beside the well known Moonspell!
"Antithetical" is an album that shall please the fans of bands like
Samael, Rotting Christ, Meshuggah, Decapitated, Psycroptic, Morbid Angel, Emperor (latest stage) among many others!
The new work is a sophisticated, complex, psycho corrosive and technically progressive metal experience. An ambitious third release, aiming to make a stand and set a mark into today's days Metal music. It's hard to label the new sound of Malevolence so better enjoy it's technical, modern, avant-garde, rebel structures, all of this in a truly demanding piece of metal art!
The band members and album production:
On "Antithetical" every band-member is pushed to it's limits, Carlos Cariano, the bands mentor long been architecting this outstanding as well as complex metal piece, his guitar and vocal work are at top of what has been done on the field, the pounding bass lines by Aires Pereira (also on Moonspell) prove that he is among the best Portuguese bass players, the Keyboard / Programming by Paulo Pereira as well as the additional guitar work by Fred Noel are a perfect fit into "Antithetical" demands. Last but not least, no one better than
Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, The Devin Townsend Project, Warrel Dane,...) to fullfill the dynamicly demanding drum work, without a doubt this album adds another tight and brilliant performance to his outstanding drumers career!
The production, mix and mastering of this work are another highlight, another great work done by V. Santura (Tryptykon, Obscura, Dark Fortress, Pestilence,...) in Landshut, Germany at Woodhouse Studio between the 14th and 23rd of March 2012. Honestly the sound couldn't get much better than it is, a perfect match to the demanding sound that the album sure requires, elite extreme metal sound!

The a
lbum highlights:
is a pretty organic and dynamic album where it's hard to pick up tracks that will detach allot from each other, yet I must say that the tracks that sure reveal Malevolence in their best shape are tracks like the first one by the title of "Slithering", a brutally powerful track to best introduce you to this album wicked experience, quickly followed by the "
Cult of the Everlasting" an epic nonconformist yet melodic track that keeps the intoxicating brutal identity of the band at it's best. Another track that will work out your entrails with a chainsaw is "Devoured Unlimited", a damn strong track that shall pierce your ears with such decadent malevolence. The title track "Antithetical" is probably the best tracks of the album, an apocalyptic hybrid track, with a very own identity, a damn epic progressive and technical song, taking the album concept to it's limits! "Exocortex Momentum" is another great ear-catching track, within it a great classic guitar solo is unveiled, a pure moment of clarity in this mind corrosive album so full of contrasts and mind-blowing musical structures!

The Epilog:
In all "Antithetical" as yet the name inspires, presents itself as an album that makes a stand against the common/usual musical banality! This rebel dynamism as well as brutal demanding sound sure prove that Malevolence have set a mark and stand tall on extreme metal grounds, proving that elite extreme metal is also being played over Portuguese lands, all of this, with the best quality venomous sound and top-skilled musicians!
A must-have album for adepts of extreme and progressive metal! One of the most ambitious releases to come out from Lusitanian lands as well as one of the hardest to categorize! A huge step forwards that may put Malevolence on their rightful belonging place as a cult band in extreme metal universe!
The album artwork by KKStructures sure adds a perfect match identity and design to all "Antithetical" conceptual ideals!
Mankind sinks into human ambiguous values, slowly we all crawl into the abyss of a hollow existence, life becomes nothing more than a slithering passage, fake, monochromatic.... slave or Master it's your choice! Make your stand, mark your position and raise your values to reach out for your own life's meaning!

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RATE: 8,5/10

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