Tuesday, 22 October 2013

SERRABULHO -PT- New album "Ass Troubles" Out!



The new album "Ass Troubles" by our Portuguese happy Death / Grinders Serrabulho is out via Portuguese label Vomit Your Shirt (http://www.vomityourshirt.com/). The first CD will have ten grindcore songs filled with fine riff hooks, speed and aiming for good laughs - almost 30 minutes long. Produced, mixed and mastered by our (now) bass player Guilhermino Martins and Serrabulho, at Blind & Lost Studios (Stª Marta de Penaguião, Portugal). Ass Troubles' covers were authored by Marta Peneda (www.facebook.com/thegoredungeon). Inlay design and band photographs by André Henriques (https://www.facebook.com/ahphoto.portugal).

The CD has been released on October 15, and the label will be teaming up with distributors from countries all over the world, such as USA (Sevared Records), Spain (Pathologically Explicit Records) and Germany (Rotten Roll Rex).

The disc will have intense promotion on the road, so feel free to contact the band if you want Serrabulho playing live at your venue!

ASS TROUBLES track listing:
1. Atomic Fart
2. Left Ball
3. Disgusting Piece of Shit
4. Lèche Moi les Couilles
5. O Arroto Cheirava a Suco Gástrico
6. Quero Cagar e Não Posso
7. Don't Fuck With Krusty
8. Pubic Hair in the Glasses
9. Toco Loco du Moi
10. I'm Full of This Shit

Promo Clip for "Atomic Fart" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQsnNkCfrUI

ENG: The price of the first album Ass Troubles is 8€ [+ P.P.]. Fans living outside of Portugal can use paypal [Europe P.P: 3€ ; Rest of the World P.P.: 4€], but first contact the band through serrabulhogrind@hotmail.com . Out since October, 15!


PT: O preço do primeiro álbum é de 8€ (+1.50€ de portes, em Portugal). Os interessados em adquirir o CD devem contactar a banda, através do email serrabulhogrind@hotmail.com , indicando nome e morada completos. Em resposta, a banda tratará de vos fazer chegar o NIB para efectuarem a transferência bancária.

Existe ainda a opção da banda enviar o CD à cobrança mas, nesse caso, os portes são de 4€. Ass Troubles está à venda a partir de dia 15 de Outubro!

Are you ASSking for TROUBLES?!

More info on SERRABULHO at this links:
BOOK & STUFF - serrabulhogrind@hotmail.com

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