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Band of the NeKroWEEK - NIRNAETH - France - Black Death Metal


NeKronos Promotion is Proud to present the band of the NeKroWeek, they are NIRNAETH. An awesome band born in 2001 on French soils who combine black and death metal with all the right dose of darkness and aggression! Their music is organic, morbid and intense!
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The videoclip for "Nihil in Me" from the split with Azziard "Dramatic Personae":




2001 : I Am Nothing But A Cry In A Chaotic Torment

Mutill (guitars) and Malaria (bass) decided to create a Metal band with their most extreme influences : Morbid Angel, Immortal, Lord Belial, Dissection, etc.

2002 : I Become Flesh

Yamaël (drums) joins the band, followed by Zig (screams) a few time later. The band choose the name ‘NIRNAETH’ for its epic and poetic dimensions : ‘Nirnaeth Arnoediad’ is the name of a battle in Tolkien’s universe and means ‘eternal tears’.

2004 : Nothing But Ashes

After some first gigs 'Nothing But Ashes' emerged. This self produced demo contains 4 titles which already carry with them what characterizes the music of NIRNAETH : an organic structure articulated around devastating riffs with dark melodies and themes dealing with pain and madness.

2006 : May Their Martyrs Suffer Once And For All

‘Thrown Athwart The Darkness’ is released on Great Dane Records. Recorded at Midnight Studio with a good production, this first album exposes the horde to the extreme metal scene. The album title is taken from a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

2008 : The Horns Resound

LABOGA endorses Mutill, alongside musicians from bands like Motorhead, Behemoth, Annihilator, Hate Eternal, etc.

2009 : It Lieth, gazing on Midnight’ sky

‘Splendour of the abyss’ is released on Great Dane Records. Recorded once more at Midnight Studio, this album meets very good reviews and will allow the band to multiply gigs.

2015 : Fire Gave Me A New Face

Vagorn replace Yamaël on drums. After a long period of inactivity Nirnaeth focuses again on its objectives : more dates, more sweat , more sound. The year ends with a participation at the second edition of the Gohelle Fest (Obituary, Rotting Christ, ...).'

2016 : None Can Control It

Kaotoxin release 'Dramatis Personae', a split 7"EP with bands Azziard and NIRNAETH. NIRNAETH presents 'Nihil In Me', a title in which the body is considered as a dam. A video clip produced by BullDogProd is made for it.

2017 : None Can Possess It

Marbas joined the band as second guitar player, allowing the band to explore new ways of creation. The third album is in progress ! Drums are recorded at Psykron studio by Phil Reinhalter, guitars and voice at Aeternal Studio by Mutill, and all is mixed and mastered by Déhà at Forbidden Frequencies Studio, Bruxelles.


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