Saturday, 25 November 2017

GAEREA - Join forces with Nekronos Promotion Hell!



Nekronos Promotion Hell
is truly proud to announce the cooperation with GAEREA, the ultimate twisted black metal experience from Portugal. This is an impressive and most promising new band that unleashes some of the most sickening dark and sinister black metal we heard in years! Be sure to keep a close eye on this outstanding band, highly recommended for adepts of bands such as Mgla, Schammasch, Bathuska, etc.!

Rui Gonçalves (RüPä), founder of this non-profit metal support agency comments: 
"It's a true honour for Nekronos Promotion to announce the cooperation with our countrymates Gaerea!
From time to time, out from the darkest pits emerge something absolutely brilliant that will blow you away! Gaerea undoubtedly have such kind of brilliance that shines through their most sickening dark creations! I am happy that I kept a close ear on their work since early stage, their debut and self titled EP and visual creations are a proof of their greatness, crafting a mysterious and rebellious black metal art!"

GAEREA comments on this news: "Gaerea is proud to join forces with Nekronos Promotion. Rui has been a good friend for the past year and does a fantastic job on helping and promoting a lot of bands worldwide."


"Void of Numbness" - Official Videoclip:

"Endless Lapse" - Official Videoclip:


GAEREA is a Black Metal Quintet from Portugal. Emerging in the begining of 2016, the band signs with the Italian Label Everlasting Spew Records and releases the debut self titled EP on the 11th November. Receiving many praises from the worldwide press (some listed below) and stream coverage by websites such as Metal Hammer, No Clean Singing and Cvlt Nation. GAEREA also spent the last year performing shows in Spain and Portugal and planning more for 2018, sharing the stage with Gnaw Their Tongues, Lvthn and Turia.

"Let's make one thing clear. We need to stress the fact that our era is lost in a huge void of numbness. We are here to bring and present you what your system could not solve by it self. We'll cover the daylight with ashes and smash the massive skull that's blocking your brain and will to evolve. We're GAEREA."

About "GAEREA", press stated:

NO CLEAN SINGING: “It’s a dark, lumbering goliath of a song with flashes of guitar lightning, lyrics voiced in scalding shrieks and ghastly roars, and alluring melodies that slither like a massive python and rise up with the shimmering appeal of an oasis mirage in a wasteland. A baleful and forbidding, yet thoroughly beguiling, piece of music.”

METAL HAMMER GREECE: "Rhythmical drumming, depressed melodies and riffs with total black background, and a voice bulging with despair and awakens people minds in every lyric. The answer of Rome to Mgla and Batushka."

METAL HAMMER / SUBTERRANEA MAG: "The personification of doom and narcissism at the same amount of time. Enter the Void"

METAL INJECTION (TREVOR STRNAD): "Gaerea provide an artfully woven black metal landscape that is majestic, harrowing, and depressive."

TEAM ROCK: "Mystery is always welcomed within the dark arts, with bands often choosing to either allow their music to speak for itself, and with a self-titled EP on the cusp of release, this quintet are preparing for some of that mystery to be broken. They may be keeping themselves hidden, but their music needs to be heard.


2016: GAEREA [EP] - Label: Everlasting Spew Records

Youtbe Channel: [ LINK ]


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