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HIDEOUS DIVINITY - Death Metal rising in Italy! Check em' out!






Born between Italy and Norway in late 2006 as a project of HOUR OF PENANCE founding member Enrico Schettino, HIDEOUS DIVINITY immediately gains attention in the underground thanks to the "Sinful Star Necrolatry" 2-track demo, an intriguing mixture of European and American extremities released at the end of 2007. The first live appearance of the band takes place only in late 2010 though, when the band, with the first stable line up since the day of its birth, flies to in Scandinavia for 2 festivals together with Sweden's DM masters, long standing friends INSISION. In the meantime, new songs are ready: European death/black influences give way to a more mindful, complex yet straight-in-your-face death metal assault in the vein of NILE, IMMOLATION and HATE: the embryo of the first full length release is born.

After another successful appearance in Scandinavia at the end of April 2012, this time for the prestigious Inferno Festival in Oslo (Norway), a 3-album deal with the legendary DM label Unique Leader is made official: in late July 2011 the band enters the renowned 16th Cellar Studios (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, TRIFIXION, VOMIT THE SOUL) to start with the recording sessions of "Obeisance Rising", debut album for the Californian label. The lyrical concept is based on John Carpenter's immortal masterstroke "They Live”, dramatically relevant testimony of a dark era that never ended.

2013 brings finally a lot of live activity: Russia/Ukraine in March/April 2013 (With Dyscarnate), Switzerland/Germany in fall 2013(w/Viscera Trail),Co-headlining UK Tour in December 2013 (w/ Iniquity and Unfathomable Ruination). Band also appears at the Carnage Feast 2013 (Switzerland), and Lowlands Deathfest 2013 (Italy).
Finally the band enters again 16th Cellar Studios in early 2014 for the upcoming, highly awaited 2nd album. Once again a movie based concept, once again death metal at its finest: “Cobra Verde” (based on Werner Herzog’s masterstroke) will be out to reduce the world to shreds later this 2014… stay tuned.

Reviews of “Obeisance Rising”, out at the end of April, 2012, are no less than enthusiastic. Here you have most notable:

- 9/10 for German RockHard Magazine;

- Album of The Year 2012 for No Clean;

- Included in's Top 10 Metal Records of the Year 2012

- Included in's Top 10 Metal Records of the Year 2012

2nd full lenght "Cobra Verde" is going to to be released this fall by Unique Leader Records. Confirmed for this year:
ChaosFest, Belgium (w/ Cryptopsy, Sinister, Disgorge and more), Aalborg Metalfest, Denmark (W/Cannibal Corpse, Dark Tranquillity, Revocation, Aeon), Ludwigshafen Deathfest, Germany (w/Centurian, Cerebral Effusion and more)

First single off "Obeisance Rising": 

Check out the Full stream of "Obeisance Rising":

Check out some Live footage (High quality):

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