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PRONOSTIC -CAN- Deviated Inner Spectrum [2012] - Album review by NPH - Rate 08/10


Pronostic – Deviated Inner Spectrum – 2012 – [Self-Released]
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

The Canadians PRONOSTIC are already since 2010 musically active. Last year they put their cd “Deviated Inner Spectrum“ in in-house production on the market.
After an melodic instrumental intro shows “Methylated Perception“ straight and without detours where PRONOSTIC will go here musically. You can hear here Melodic Death Metal. The forceful, aggressive Death Metal frameworks are wrapped with melodic elements a la IN FLAMES and co. Thereof develop eight songs which come into play a deadly symbiosis between hardness and beauty. Long, melodic riffs which are played very diversified mingle with powerful drumming and give the production the necessary bite. Thereby PRONOSTIC are successful in being musically independent without sounding like a cover band. The change of clean vocals and growls shows innovation as well as the power of the band. PRONOSTIC play very technical and ambitious which rounds off the general impression positively. Who are into Melodic Death Metal should listen to “Deviated Inner Spectrum“ by all means!!!!

Higlights of "
Deviated Inner Spectrum": "Desire To Kill"; "Execution"; "Hope For Nothing"

Review by : Battlepig

RATE: 08/10

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Pronostic - “Deviated Inner Spectrum“ - CD 2012

01 -
02 –
Methylated Perception
03 –
Desire To Kill
04 –
From The Ashes
05 -
06 –
Hope For Nothing
07 -
08 – Deviated Inner Spectrum

Recording Line – Up:
Alexandre Lauzon – Guitars, Vocals (High)
Charles Pilotte – Guitars, Vocals (Low)
Marc Juno - Bass
Le Fou - Drums, Percussion

Check the Video Track for "Kingdoms I Burnt" :

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