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SKINNING -PT- Cerebral Mutilation [2014] - CD review by NPH - Rate 8/10


Here we are to present and review the debut album from the Portuguese death black metal hellions Skinning. Cerebral Mutilation is a damn brutal piece to come out from Lusitanian soils, a ferocious "in your face" piece of extreme metal, expelling non compromised and straight forwards deviant music. A band that will please fans of death black metal legends such as Vader, Krisium, Deicide, Morbid Angel, HATE, Zyklon among many others! Eleven powerful tracks will pierce your ears and make you to hunger for future endeavours of this boiling-blooded new band that has just been unleashed upon the demanding Metal world!
Skinning sure have unleashed a musical Beast that shall crush your brain with their violent death black metal demolishing art!

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Here is the Tracklist for the album:

SKINNING - "Cerebral Mutilation" - CD 2014

Without Glory
02. Mass Execution
03. Punishing For Spreading Lies
04. Acclaimed Blood
05. I'm Still Victorious
06. Infested Land Of Mutilated Corpses
07. Blow Me
08. Slumber Of Madness
09. Tortutred And Mutilated
10. ...In Your Face
11. Bloody Awake (Feeding The Bloodthirst)

Total playing time
= 40m46s

Recording Line-up:

Vítor Lopes - Vocals and Guitars
Luis Barroso - Drums
Baal Roi - Bass

SKINNING* - Cerebral Mutilation - 2014 - Raising Legends
Genre: Death Black Metal

*Skinning ( the act of skin removal )
"Another body was found, the smell of raw flesh
decomposed corpses, eaten by the worms
the blood runs through the skin, by the open cut
the approach of your misery, it's now complete(...)
"  Tortured and Mutilated - Cerebral Mutilation

is a blood-hungering band formed in December 2011 in Guimarães (Portugal) by Luis Barroso (drums) and Vitor Lopes (vocals/guitars), with the addition of Baal Roi on bass duties the band has formed their solid structure and have became stronger each day, taking part of several concerts and metal fests like SWR Barroselas. They are a strong spirited and brutal band to be followed by fans of bands such as
Vader, Krisium, Deicide, Morbid Angel, HATE, Zyklon among many others.

Cerebral Mutilation is a demolishing as well as torturing piece of death black metal art. Skinning sure have put "all meat in the grinder" on this debut, in fact it's hard these days to have such coherent good quality on a bands first album, yet, and on this case Skinning sure managed to unleash a true musical Beast that hungers to devour your entrails without mercy!
Musically this album is a mirror image of the bands Apocalyptic Trio formed by Luis Barroso an already well known drummer in the Portuguese underground extreme metal scene, know for his work with bands such as
Daemogorgon, Hacksaw, Koltum,  Infernal Kingdom among others, Vitor Lopes (also on PosMortiis) and Baal Roi (also on Daemogorgon). I must say that Cerebral Mutilation is in fact a work of excellence ...from the versatile brutal drums, towards the heart slashing bass, crossing the ever-present virulent guitar-work, yet if that wasn't enough, the strong aggressive vocals in a Deicide/Hate vein sure improve the magnitude of their death black metal impact!
The album production at Studio 213 by Bruno Silva proves that the Portuguese extreme metal production is getting better each day and capable of producing high quality products such as Skinning debut!

Skinning are one of the best examples of Lusitanian/Iberian death black metal and Cerebral Mutilation is a proof of that. Tracks like Without Glory, Mass Execution, Punishing For Spreading Lies, Blow me, ...In Your Face reveal the band at their be(a)st, with all their own blood and g(l)ory, in fact a truly delightful torture for the listeners ears, all with the most aggressive death black metal formula!

In all, lyrically and musically, Cerebral Mutilation is a "in your face" brutal piece of death black metal forged in the lands of Lusitania, a work not to be missed by metal-heads with a particular taste for "Poland meets U.S." extreme metal! A great debut for Skinning that will make you hunger for their future endeavours, no doubt that these guys know how to make aggressive metal in it's most extreme format, yet with the incursion of some further musical developments the bands can probably reach some elite status... something to wait for!

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RATE: 8/10

Check out "Punished for Spreading Lies" Audio Clip @ http://youtu.be/3fyOYApUrv0

Check out the "Mass Execution" Audio Clip @ http://youtu.be/dQNZlDlXXog

For further information on SKINNING check:
OFFICIAL FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SKINNING/307359749303706
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ixm0g4IfYdqpU1sL6Yseg

BOOKING: raisinglegendsrecords@gmail.com
LABEL:  http://www.facebook.com/raisinglegends

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