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IN-QUEST -BEL- Chapter IIX: The Odyssey of Eternity [2013] - Album review by NPH - Rate 8,5/10


Here we are to present and review the 8th album of Belgian death metallers In-Quest, the album goes by the suggestive title of "Chapter IIX : The Odyssey of Eternity". This is another smashing work from one of the best Belgian death metal bands of today's days, exploring deeper and sounding more complex than ever before. Their technical death metal musical combines perfectly with the hypnotic melodies that remain constant on the bands own sound since long years now!
Warning, this album shall haunt your ears with such delightful epic but still brutal sound for quite long time! Probably the most exact and precise album the band has ever made, tight as hell, you need to go on listening to it, on and on... so easily addicting and obligating you always to search for more and more details as you become more familiar to this piece of musical art!
Be sure to put your hands into this In-Quest album if you are found of technical metal sound in the vein of Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Cynic, Textures, Fear Factory, Death and so on... put your headphones and embark yourself on this "Odyssey of Eternity"!

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IN-QUEST - Chapter IIX : The Odyssey of Eternity - 2013 - [ Self-Released ]
Genre: Technical Death Metal

"(...)A circular nullibist in denial, that the soul exists elapsed for infinity, an endless quest those in disbelief, this is the "Odyssey of Eternity""  Enter Eternity Of Lethargy - "Chapter IIX : The Odyssey of Eternity"

For those unfamiliar with In-Quest, I can only let you know that they are probably some of the most hard to categorize, challenging musicians you may have heard in quite some time. A band that was born in Antwerp (Belgium) back in 1994, ever since, they've proved to be one of the best and most challenging and respected Belgian bands. They play  an enlightened death metal full of outstanding technical details with the add of delightful hypnotic melodies, yet never losing the sound brutality, all this powered up by the smashing vocals of their Swedish singer
MiQe Löfberg!
are also a damn underrated band that has already played in several great tours, like the ones with Nile, Fear Factory, etc. they also played on tons of great shows in and outside Belgium like the one on the main stage of Belgium famous Graspop Metal Meeting Festival!

The new and 8th work "Chapter IIX :The Odyssey of Eternity" is another step forwards in the bands ascent, probably the most exact and precise release of the bands career, combining dynamic and skilled technical death metal sound with their own usual melodic elements that shall catch your attention! In fact it's a sound that refuses to accept standard categorization, better to be listened with full attention so you can catch all the hidden details into this modern, melodic, energetic, intense and technical creativity, something hard to find elsewhere this days! The album features 8 songs played on 8 string spanning on a curious exact 44:44 minutes length! This all, in the most epic and complex material built to the date by the band.

“The Odyssey of Eternity” takes you into a journey across a world drenched in chaos and disorder, times where mankind values are lost! The band sound explores all that to the limits, here chaos rules on such avant-garde progressive / technical sound, proving that this band masters these complex death metal morphosis! This art requires the best out from the musicians themselves. Grab your headphones and listen to such delightful and virtuous melodic solos from Douglas, the raged vocal variations of MiQe, the killer dynamic and skilled drums by Gert together with the pounding bass from Frederick with the add of wickedly chaotic rhythms by
Korre. All this material combined sure creates an artistically chaotic, yet technical and tight piece of art for adepts!

The lyrics mostly written by the MiQe’s creative mind follow the traditional In-Quest themes of human condition and consequent decay of values and the downfall humanity itself, the darkened future dominated by technology and a vitiated society. Yet on this release the infinity/eternity of cosmos, time itself as well as the social position of Man on this immense universe takes the main importance lyrically!
The engineering, mix and mastering done by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) and recordings at Splitsecondsound and Dougtape couldn't go better. On such a demanding and complex album, the production needs to be an absolute highlight so that you can hear in detail all the instruments. What can I say... they sure reached a perfect ending result on this camp!

On this album the band created an uniform quality release where the tracks connect to each other in perfection creating an idea of an never-ending hypnotic album, an album that goes on and on, as some use to say "... into eternity and beyond"! Each time you listen to it with full attention you will notice more an more illuminated details, in this way it’s surely hard to capture highlights on this album, simply because of all the uniform complexity of the album conception! Still tracks like "Neo-Pseudo Existence", "The Algorhythmic Alignments" and "Yearn To Return [Liquidation Fails]" may be closer to In-Quest traditional sound, those are the ones who capture my ears attention the most!

“Chapter IIX: The Odyssey of Eternity” is a technical death metal discharge, an obligatory album for all adepts of a skilful technical and progressive death metal. An absolute must if you are into bands like Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad, Cynic, Fear Factory, Textures, Death and several other quality bands in this vein!
Epic, abstract, methodical and precise the 8th album of the Belgian In-Quest has all to capture demanding technical death metallers attention.
This creative eloquent piece of art is a true Odyssey that shall echo on your ears for all Eternity!

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RATE: 8,5/10

Here is the Tracklist for the album:

IN-QUEST - "Chapter IIX : The Odyssey of Eternity" - CD 2013

1 -
Enter Eternity Of Lethargy
2 -
Taedium Vitae
3 -
Elliptical Orbits In Disbelief
4 -
Reiterated Cycles Of Celestial Spheres
5 -
Neo-Pseudo Existence
6 -
Infinite Sleep For The Hollow
7 -
The Algorhythmic Alignments
8 -
Yearn To Return [Liquidation Fails]

Total playing time
= 44m44s

Recording Line-up:

MiQe Löfberg - Vocals
Douglas Verhoeven - Leads
Gert Monden - Drums
Korre Lauwereins - Rhythms
Frederick Peeters - Bass

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