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2nd Band of the NeKroWEEK - VESANIA -POL- Symphonic Black Death Metal

NeKro Presentation


NeKronos Promotion is Proud to present the second band of the NeKroWeek, they are VESANIA (Symphonic Black Death Metal) an outstanding band with members of Behemoth (Orion), Dimmu Borgir (Daray), Decapitated (Heinrich),Sammath Naur (Valeo) and more! Without a doubt an smashing Polish band for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and more!
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The live clip for the track "Hell is for Children" from their album "Distractive Killusions":




VESANIA has been brought into existence at end of 1997. The original line-up consisted of: Orion (guitars and voices), Daray (drums and percussion), and Heinrich (bass). As time progressed it became evident that there was a need for expansion. As a consequence, Hatrah was added on keys for the first recording - a rehearsal tape from that period; followed by Annahvahr (guitars and voices). The end of 1998 saw the recording of fifteen minutes worth of studio material. Shortly thereafter, the band was forced to decide whether or not to incorporate keys as a studio instrument. The position remained vacant for a considerable amount of time until the Fall of 2000 when the new keymaster, Siegmar, joined the band.

VESANIA performed throughout several cities in Poland, the band always maintaining that live performance and the live expression is a particularly important facet of their art. Throughout this time the band were simultaneously working on material for a full length album. Finally, at the start of 2002, the material from 1998 was released by Odium Records as the "Moonastray" limited edition split CD.
The anticipated breakthrough recording session of 2001/2002 ultimately took longer than expected, being delayed until the Spring of 2002. The band worked in Selani Studio (Vader, Lux Occulta) with production being handled by Szymon "Szymonaz" Czech.

The debut CD, "Firefrost Arcanum", was released in January 2003 by Empire Records, this label handling all publishing and promotion at the time.
The release of "Firefrost Arcanum" was a very significant breakthrough for the band. Following the premiere of the debut album, VESANIA began to appear regularly in all forms of the musical media in Poland. Furthermore, in the Spring of 2003, the album was released in Europe by Crash Music. It all led to the band performing on the Metalmania Festival 2003 amongst the likes of Samael and Marduk and touring with Vader on the Blitzkrieg Tour 2003.
It was during this year that Annahvahr departed from the band with session guitarists being utilized for live performances.

Time progressed and two of the members joined other established bands. Orion joined Behemoth in 2003 and in the Spring of 2004 Daray replaced Doc in Vader. Nonetheless, VESANIA continued to exist and at the end of 2004 began the recording session of the second album, "God the Lux". The chosen studio was Hendrix Studio (Behemoth, Azarath) in Lublin, with the sound engineering duties being handled by Arkadiusz "Malta" Malczewski.

The recording of "God the Lux" was completed at Hertz Studio (Vader, Decapitated, Lost Soul) in Bialystok and the mixing and mastering of the album was done with the Wieslawscy brothers.
Another major development for the band, was the signing of a new deal with Massive Management (Vader, Decapitated at that time). Shortly after, the band signed with Austrian label Napalm Records. Empire Records was the company handling the release and promotion of "God the Lux" in Poland, and Napalm Records worldwide. Soon after the premiere, VESANIA started extensive touring period. European tours among bands like Cryptopsy, Aborted, Grave, Gojira and others, Polish Blitzkrieg IV Tour with Vader, and headlining tour over Russia, all together getting close to a hundred shows within a year. The band expanded, adding a new member, Valeo from the band Sammath Naur (guitars).

VESANIA members locked up and secluded themselves at the rehearsal room for the first month of the year, writing and arranging the new album called "Distractive Killusions". Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio X and Szymon Czech during next months, the album was out by the end of a year through Napalm Records. For Poland, VESANIA signed a new deal with Mystic Production, and the Massive Management deal was concluded. Previous Polish label, Empire Records, released the single "Rage Of Reason" right before the street date of the full album through Mystic Production.

Highly anticipated touring for "Distractive Killusions" never happened. The band was doing its best to set up the tour, but all previous commitments have slowly taken down the plans made for VESANIA . The band decided to remain suspended indefinitely.
The musicians of VESANIA , being well recognized and respected in the metal scene remained busy with their other bands. Then in the 2008 Daray left Vader and joined the Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal veterans – Dimmu Borgir, the biggest band within its genre. By the end of 2009, Decapitated, who earlier split up due to personal tragedies, announced their re-union. Heinrich, VESANIA's bass player had joined to re-enforce the new Decapitated line-up.

In the fall of 2010, VESANIA had started to gather their powers back again. The band began rehearsals and is getting ready for tours to come in 2011.

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