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GENIUS ULTOR -POL- Dzien Nocy [2010] NPH Album Review. Rate 8,5/10


Genius Ultor – Dzien Nocy – 2010 – Ataman Productions
Genre: Black Metal

What do musicians when only one band is not enough for them? They found a side project! This happened with the Poles GENIUS ULTOR which released some time ago their full-length cd "Dzien Nocy" via Ataman Productions.
After a calm, very avant-garde, minimalistic intro it gets with "Prawo Do Wojny Moim Jest" straight down to the nitty-gritty. Pitch-black Black Metal is now offered. The guys set thereby a mind-blowing pace. A proverbial musical invasion which is powerful and relentless. Dark Black Metal sound frameworks are now and and then relaxed a bit by symphonic sounds and result in a very independent dark mixture. Severe doubleblast drum thunderstorms give the production yet additional energy. Forceful bass lines and partially experimental riffs cater for variety. Short breaks in instrumental and noise realms show the bands' versatility and complexity. The all in all 17 songs are kept pretty short which is however no consequence at this rate. The lyrics are written in Polish language which I consider as a bonus. The screaming growls yet reinforce the brutality. "Dzien Nocy" receives by the fast changes in speed additional vitality. GENIUS ULTOR done here everything properly and produced a very worth hearing cd which is experimental and at the same time reck-solid. I can only recommend the guys!!!

Higlights of "Dzien Nocy": "Prawo Do Wojny Moim Jest"; "Apage Katabas"; "Rondle Wojny"

Review by : Battlepig

RATE: 8,5/10

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Genius Ultor - “Dzien Nocy“ - CD 2010

01 - Introdukcja
02 - Prawo Do Wojny Moim Jest
03 - Antyfona
04 - Apage Katabas
05 - Antyfona
06 - Dcyzieo No
07 - Antyfona
08 - Nienawiya
09 - Antyfona
10 - Rondle Wojny
11 - Antyfona
12 - Poyegnanie Ojczyzny
13 - Antyfona
14 - Zdrada
15 - Antyfona
16 - Agonia Dna
17 - Koda

Recording Line – Up:
Wirus – Guitars, Vocals
Zgorzel - Bass
Kra - Drums

Check the Video Track for "Apage Katabas" :

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