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Pandemonium "Misanthropy" (2012) NPH Review - Rate 08/10


Pandemonium – Misanthropy – 2012 – Pagan Records
Genre: Satanic Dark Metal

The Poles PANDEMONIUM honour by now more than two decades the sympathetic dark Metal underground with their songs. This year they put their latest cd "Misanthropy" on the market.
The musical classification is difficult for me here. Black Metal with a sound portion of Death Metal is the foundation of the all in all eight songs. Many samples and experimental insertions make "Misanthropy" to a production with a difference. Here is experimented musically a lot without loosing thereby hardness and darkness. Weighting tons riffs unite with fierce doubleblast drumming and support the depressing atmosphere of the production. The changes in speed also within one song reflect innovation and inventiveness. You must yet take some time to conceive the entire musical array of the band. "Misanthropy" is certain no easy to consume cd. Also the desperate cries which come in sometime by growls and then again screaming support misanthropy and endless hate. Here is also experimented by the use of female vocals (on "Stones are Eternal"). The songs are so with no bog-standard songs! I can recommend "Misanthropy" to anyone who is not averse to musical experiments in the Black Metal area. It's worth it!!!

Higlights of "Misanthropy": "The Black Forest", "God Delusion"; "Avant-Garde Underground"

Review by : Battlepig

RATE: 08/10

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Pandemonium - “Misanthropy“ - CD 2012

01 - The Black Forest
02 - God Delusion
03 - Necro Judas
04 - Stones Are Eternal
05 - Avant – Garde Underground
06 - Everlasting Opposition
07 - Only The Dead Will See the End Of War
08 - Misanthropy

Total playing time = 41:32

Recording Line – Up:
Paul – Vocals, Guitars
Mark – Guitars
Michael – Bass
Khorzon – Keyboards, Samples
Szymon - Drums

Check the Video Track for "Misanthropy" : http://youtu.be/_ADA8xkt2mc

For further information check:
OFFICIAL SITE: www.pandemonium.metal.pl 
FACEBOOK PROFILE: www.facebook.com/pages/Pandemonium/154109541281238
MYSPACE: www.myspace.com/pandemonium_pl

CONTACT: godz.ov.war@wp.pl

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