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SERRABULHO - Star Whores - [2015] - CD review by NPH - Rate 8/10


SERRABULHO - "Star Whores" - CD 2015

1. Pornocchio
2. Congro
3. Buttman
4. Pentilhoni nu Culhoni
5. Happy Fornication
6. Peidinho Ron Ron
7. Star Whores
8. Testicular Torsion
9. Vaseline
10. Life of a Penis
11. Caguei na Betoneira
12. B.O.O.B.S. [Best Objects of Baby Sucking]
13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Gang Bang Edition]

Carlos Guerra - Vocals, Sampling
Paulo Ventura -
Guitar, Vocals
Guilhermino Martins -
Bass, Keyboards, Sampling, Vocals
Ivan Saraiva -
Drums, Vocals

at Blind and Lost Studios (Santa Marta de Penaguião)

SERRABULHO - Star Whores - CD - 2015 - Label: Rotten Roll Rex
Genre: Gore grind/ Death Metal /Party Grind

“Met these intergalactic skanks
That were real sperm banks.
They fought with dildo sabers
And had long cock raiders.
Their vaginas were a black hole
Swallowing Penises in its whole.
They humped the Jedi Master
Put his dick in a plaster.
With booty hunters they got befriended,
Sometimes too much in and out got limbs distended.
(...) Go Star Whores, and may the foreskin be with you!” Serrabulho - Star Whores

Right out of the "Dark Side" of Portugal, land of sun and beautiful beaches comes no others than Serrabulho, masters of party grind / happy death metal!
Counting with former member of Holocausto Cannibal in their ranks, this band is without a doubt the most requested live band of their genre in Portugal!
are a "must-have" presence on every metal show/fest, it's simply impossible to stay dull or indifferent to any of their live performances. This band always aims for some good pack of laughs and a memorable party time, in fact their legion of followers are a proof of that!
This natural born party grinders are a must for adepts of bands such as Gronibard, Gut, Gutalax or Lividity
among many others!

After a countless number of memorable crazy live shows promoting their debut work "Ass Troubles" [Vomit Your Shirt //
Rotten Roll Rex] Serrabulho managed to find time to release their great follow up album "Star Whores". With this new release the band returns with another piece of hilarious party grind! Sicker, twisted and twice as ugly than his predecessor! Serrabulho madness continues in another piece of party grind art! Their lyrical themes go from Party, Porn and Party and sometimes just Party!!!
"Star Whores" is a must-have piece for any dedicated party-grinder with a jolly sick humour! If you have a taste for fast death/grindcore with a twisted and funny attitude then this album will hook you up within each song!
Suggestive songs like "Pornocchio",
"Buttman", "Pentilhoni nu Culhoni [Pubic Hair in the Balls]", "Buttman", "Life of a Penis", "Caguei na Betoneira [Shitted in the Concrete Mixer]" or "B.O.O.B.S." continue the previous work madness and bring this album to the next level, putting the band among other references of this musical genre!

In all "Star Whores" is a damn funny as well as sick twisted piece of party grind/death metal! Not advised to any worshiper of the Trve Metal Cult, but in the other hand, highly recommended to any daring party grinder! You can't be too serious to enjoy this kind of music, probably it's not the best sounding music for many, but if you are sick enough to enjoy Serrabulho then you shouldn't miss any of the bands special "Rave Parties"! In fact the band band live performances are unique and something not to be missed in a town nearby! This Portuguese comic critters are 4 of a kind and make sure that each of their shows has something new to impress the crowd and with them making their shows always memorable!
Enjoy the madness and may the Foreskin be with you!

RüPä - NeKronos Promotion HELL

RATE: 8/10

SERRABULHO- "Caguei na Betoneira" Audio Clip



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